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Eye shadow – White shimmer, Silver, Pearly Plum (By 7pm the colours would look much lighter but I added an eye base to make it last longer). For droppy lids, sweep shadow up and outwards to lift the ends. A thin black liner and a Berry lipstick.
This is Auntie Michelle. She was wearing a purple top with a scoop neckline which made her jaw looked wider. The gown with a shorter neckline and high collar flattered her neck and faceshape after which I simply pulled the necklace shorter to balance the space between the chin and neckline. A few pieces of accessories were added to give her the rich tai tai look.

She picked the Gown from City Plaza at $280 and went to do her hair at her regular hairdresser. I would have given her a puffier crown because by evening time her hair would look flat.


Posted on: April 27, 2008

tricia After the 1920s look.


Did not really have an idea what look I should give Tricia but along way as I applied the liner for her large, listless eyes I realised that she can carry off the retro look pretty well! Also she requested for a “3-D” look for the eyes so I mixed shell with cappucino to enhance the beautiful sockers that she already have. Her hair texture is fine so I added just a little bit of wax and made her hair slightly wavy in order to soften her looks. Noticed I changed the parting of her fringe which made a world of difference to he final look.


Posted on: April 18, 2008

esther1 Before
A studious look…
Esther’s 1st attempt at a punk-rock look. I used aqua blue and turquoise tint to achive this look. I wanted the focus to be on her eyes so I used mute pink for her lips. She already has thick, neat brows so I just used brow fixative/wax for her. Any thicker she might look like Crayon Shin-Chan.

Then using the hot cringe hair iron to create the wavy look, used wax to make it puffy and sprayed down to hold. To add some highlight, I sprayed with temporary copper colour. Sweep the hair to one side and top it with a black tiny jacket gives her a feminine look!

The miracles of makeup. See how concealer under the eyes, dark brown eyeliner and adding a light brown brow powder can does wonders for you? Try a little something each day for a refreshing look.


I started changing my looks by putting on makeup daily, followed by a recommended haircut and gradually moved on to my clothes and accessories. As I do all that, I observed the way I walk and talk. It’s actually very simple when you put your heart to it.

Before and After
Take a photo of yourself and look for a person that you want to be from the magazines, role models, etc.

Write down the reason that you want to change and stick it somewhere which you can see everyday. Bear in mind, the reason should be one that would not do harm to others. Use and not abuse.

I will look for my older photos for you to see =)



Posted on: April 2, 2008

There are a few friends who approached me and said they want to change the way they look.
My Question is : What future do you want to create?

We should change to achieve an ultimate purpose. There should be a motivation for you to change from a T-shirt and jeans person to someone whom you really want to be through a series of actions. It’s not just investing in putting on an interesting top which you would have never dreamt of putting on. It’s not only about realising your potential in developing yourself but also succeeding in the career and improving your relationships with the people around you.

And my purpose of setting this website to help you make that little difference in your life.
All the best in your transformation journey.