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Wedding dinner

Posted on: April 28, 2008

Eye shadow – White shimmer, Silver, Pearly Plum (By 7pm the colours would look much lighter but I added an eye base to make it last longer). For droppy lids, sweep shadow up and outwards to lift the ends. A thin black liner and a Berry lipstick.
This is Auntie Michelle. She was wearing a purple top with a scoop neckline which made her jaw looked wider. The gown with a shorter neckline and high collar flattered her neck and faceshape after which I simply pulled the necklace shorter to balance the space between the chin and neckline. A few pieces of accessories were added to give her the rich tai tai look.

She picked the Gown from City Plaza at $280 and went to do her hair at her regular hairdresser. I would have given her a puffier crown because by evening time her hair would look flat.

1 Response to "Wedding dinner"

Isn’t this Auntie Michelle, Mark’s auntie? The one that came to our house for the wedding to pick up the bride? I think she lives in Shunfu.

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