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Posted on: May 31, 2008

image027 You can simply enlarge the photograph and notice very clearly that the eye with the mascara simply lit up your eyes and also help to lift droppy lids. The closer you apply the mascara to your lash line, it will act more like an eye liner. I shall try apply different mascara and different number of coats for all to see.

Notice some redness after the face wash?

After my China trip my skin has a bad outbreak and my body feels weak. Pimples and dull skin. Bad combination. So I borrowed a white shimmer power from my friend on one day. And sometimes I would use shimmer foundation to disguise my sallow skin.

Look at how much I have covered with the luminous lotion! And I look brighter!

You have a few choices to reduce that dullness on your face.
– A tad golden luminous lotion/foundation can be mixed with your liquid foundation. It’s suitable for most skin type. You can use it day or night.
– White luminous lotion. Not recommended if you have grey skin. Looks a bit ashy. Like the golden shimmer, you can either mix it or simply apply a thin later after your foundation. This would brighten up the whole face immediately!
– Tinted foundation. Convenient to use, however do not use it everyday at work! You might look a bit tarty. Also they might be oiler. Choose wisely!
I would also use the shimmer foundation to enhance my featues such as the brow done or to highlight the crest of my cheekbones.
 amkmay08My Cheeks look tubbier.
Slimmer cheeks!
Wonder how you can make your face look slimmer without using Photoshop? Simply turn your face slightly to the side and lower your head a little. If you face the camera directly, your face would look much bigger and seeming taking an obituary photo! Of course there is shading and all but you can also opted for a faster choice.

1) Deodarant if you tend to sweat easily
2) Trim your nails regularly so that they will look clean
3) Brush your teeth so that they will not turn yellow from all that coffee and tea
4) Wash your face everyday so that the ladies will not stare at your blackheads

Only when you take care of yourself can you show that you can take care of others.


Kind of slow… but this is useful for your business or speech presentation.

For Men



Posted on: May 3, 2008


Everyone, meet Lani Lam. She just finished a facial with me and I applied a nice layer of concealer, mint adjustor (green base for acne), foundation and to ensure the skin looks flawless, I added another layer of concealer. Ta-dah! The redness disappeared! She has a high forehead so I pulled the hair down from both sides and added some height by changing the hair parting by half an inch. Simply hold the hair with hair spray (spray it from behind the head so that the hair would stand). Control the frizziness with hair wax for the ends.

She has this “Boss” look when she does not show her teeth. However what a difference it made when she bears her pearly whites! It’s a part of looking good~! I am going for mine within 2 years!