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Tired Skin

Posted on: May 27, 2008

Notice some redness after the face wash?

After my China trip my skin has a bad outbreak and my body feels weak. Pimples and dull skin. Bad combination. So I borrowed a white shimmer power from my friend on one day. And sometimes I would use shimmer foundation to disguise my sallow skin.

Look at how much I have covered with the luminous lotion! And I look brighter!

You have a few choices to reduce that dullness on your face.
– A tad golden luminous lotion/foundation can be mixed with your liquid foundation. It’s suitable for most skin type. You can use it day or night.
– White luminous lotion. Not recommended if you have grey skin. Looks a bit ashy. Like the golden shimmer, you can either mix it or simply apply a thin later after your foundation. This would brighten up the whole face immediately!
– Tinted foundation. Convenient to use, however do not use it everyday at work! You might look a bit tarty. Also they might be oiler. Choose wisely!
I would also use the shimmer foundation to enhance my featues such as the brow done or to highlight the crest of my cheekbones.

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