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Causal pants with pleated front
Dress pants with flat front
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Yesterday I had a friend wearing a dark grey pair of pants and I commented the flat front pants are more modern and makes a person looks lean. Sadly, the previous day he just bought 2 pair of pleated front pants. No fret. You can still keep away the pleated pants for occasions where you have to meet up with more mature and perhaps conservative clientele.
No Nos for formal pants:
– Too baggy/excess cloth at the ends. Please alter the length if you have to.
– Wear navy blue or black socks. White socks for causal pants or sports wear.
– Do not wear army boots or shoes with dress pants please.
– Make sure the pants are at waist length and not hanging loosely around the hips unless you have a tummy.

I am reading a book on face asethetics. It’s amazing how a single black eyeliner can change your life. The shape of your lips, the colour of the brow … you get the idea. A few things to look out for when you put on makeup:

– Colour/Tone
– Definition
– Shape
– 3-D Effects
– Thickness
– Texture

Diva lashes extending outwards lengthens
Top view – Criss cross at the front and straight at the ends.
Tips on fake lashes:
1) There are soft lashes and hard lashes. Soft lashes are more for professionals and if you want a natural look. Hard lashes are easier to put on because the lash line is thicker and harder.
2) Cross cross lashes looks more pleasing to the eyes. If you have big and fierce looking eyes, avoid lashes that is straight and extends forward.
3) Lashes cost $2.90 – $40 a pair.
4) Curl lashes and apply mascara -> Cut fake lash to fit length of lash line -> Glue while eyes are closed. Hold it there -> Open eyes and apply mascara if necessary -> Draw eyeliner.
Check out Shu Uemura for more lash designs… those are the expensive ones.
Line your eyes with expresso liner. Wet your liner brush and dab some shimmer burnt orange (similar to copper) shadow and liner the eyes. This helps the shadow to hold longer and the colour is more intense. You can choose to line the whole eye if you have big eyes or want a mysterious look. Use white liner on the inner rim of the lower lash line if you want to enlarge your eyes. Think it looks boring?

Why not apply some yellow or gold shadow at the inner corner of the eyes and 1/4 on the upper lid. Immediately lights up the eyes. This is followed by some mandarin orange shadow on the outer corner (upper and lower) which adds length and lifts the eye. Final Look with light peach blush and copper lips.