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I simply love the contrast in colours for these photos! Notice the glossy look that the models have? You can achieve this by simply applying a white pearl white and slightly shimmer eyeshadow! Preferbably not those with glitter because then you will look too tacky. This eye makeup is not recommended if you have bulging eyes or wide double eyelids. You can also do this by using glossyeye shadows, however, it’s more difficult to handle and make it stay on the lids without looking like it is oil secretion.

The lips are so sexy! If you have flat lips, use a bit of gloss only at the center of the lips to give it a 3-D effect. Not on the whole lips! Even Angelina Jolie might not be able to pull that look off because you might look like you have just finished KFC. For mature ladies, your alternative choice is a high shimmer, golden lipstick which will act as a gloss and you will not have “thin bleeding lips”.


Q: What do I do if I have to remove waterproof eye makeup?


A: The process of cleansing might take just a few minutes longer than the usual water and facial cleanser. Apply some remover onto the cotton pads. Instead of immediately rubbing the lotion onto the skin, soaks the makeup for about 30seconds and gentle glide. Do not drag the skin. Use a Q-tip to remove the mascara off the lashes and on the skin. Same goes for the lips. Use the Q-tip to clean between the lines on the lips.


It’s another challenging task for you if you have no idea how to remove makeup. There are waterproof makeup remover in the market which usually come in water in oil form (oil forming the higher component in the ingredient) that cleans off eye makeup easily. However buyers beware! Products with too much oil in the ingredient might cause oil seeds also known as milia seeds. Once formed, they might be difficult to remove. Believe me because I have experienced it before when I simply borrowed a “reknown” brand of remover and 1 tiny seed formed almost immediately! I would prefer water base cleansing products for the eyes. 


Posted on: August 28, 2008


Acne or pimples are caused by the accumulation of dirt and sebum (oil production) from the pores. During stressed-out times, our oil production increases and our pores are enlarged because of the adrenaline

The medication that is prescribed to you can only help in the short-term. Oral antibiotics, such as tetracycline and doxycycline, are often prescribed for acne. Taking antibiotics as directed will help your acne to clear and may reduce the risk of bacterial resistance – a condition that makes the antibiotic ineffective.

Always ask the doctor about the side effects of taking such oral medication because they might cause liver damage if taken over a long period of time. And if not advisable for ladies who are conceiving. I have customers who have taken the anti-biotics and their skin has remained with sensitive and have a tendency of redness ever since. I have personally taken then before, they might help initially however do not expect them to be the miracle cure.

Other than pharmaceutical approach, you can also go visit a recognized beauty therapist for help.


I was teaching a class today and all of them belong to the oily and sensitive type of skin. A lady raised the question about smudging eyeliner. My suggestions (depending on which works for you):

1) Waterproof pencil liner + Waterproof Liquid liner (Might be tough to wash off)

2) Eye-shadow base (foundation for the eye) + your liners

3) Waterproof liner + Dark eyeshadow colour go over it

4) Waterproof liner + face powder + same Waterproof liner

I guess most importantly is to not prep your upper eyelid with any creams (but it’s fine for under the eye because we want to moisturise the fine lines). Any eyeshadow colours or liners would just slide off after all the effort. Also when you have oily skin, there is a need to touch up your makeup more often. All the best!



Posted on: August 21, 2008

If you find these information useful for your friends, please spread the words! I am also working on an ebook on beauty and makeup tips for brides-to-be. The distribution would be made via . So watch this space!

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Different Brows

Different Brows

side view

I use to score very high in class for eyebrow drawing. It’s my favourite part of doing a makeup. And I am very good at tweezing them! Different brows creates a different feeling when people look at you. If you want to look more masculine, has slightly thicker brows. If you would like to look more sexy, have a higher peak for the brows however not too thin because it would make you look like a witch. They colour can add youth at the same time, the wrong colour can add age to a face. Would upload more once I have experimented with it. Whatever you do, do not have “clown” or “tadpole” eyebrows whereby from the front view they look like a half moon and the front is too round. Look at the correct example above. There should be a smooth up slope which is at a 30-40 degrees angle. If you watch Korean dramas, the lead actress would usually have flat brows to get an innocent and helpless look. Not suitable for all though because if you have small eyes, flat brows would make you look tired. So remember, brows shape have to match the size of your eyes as well!

Soft loose curls
Soft loose curls

Soft loose curls creates a romantic feel to the hair style. One of the most common curls for brides. Curl your hair using the styling rod and hold it in a vertical position. When you release the rod, gently loosen the curl by pulling the rod downwards so as to achieve the soft spiral effect. After that you can spray some styling spray to hold the curls.

Hold in vertical position Single loose curl