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Posted on: August 12, 2008

(T) Used the heated hair tongs for tight curls. Did outward curls from the ears down. I look rather mature however certainly creates volume if you want to especially when you want to tie them up.
(B) Inward curls and only on the ends of my hair which I think suits me more and gives a soft and feminine look. Think I would do this for my wedding.
Multi-stylist hair tongs.
Pro: For the layman, they heat up fast and easy to use.
Con: Only about 10cm long. Creates frizzy ends if you are not careful.
Price range: S$40 (for one tong) and above.
Invested in some heat sensitive ceremic curlers which are said to hold the hair without the use of pins and clips (As shown in a set of 6). Can be used on wet and dry hair. They come in different diameter. Since I have short hair I used the 2cm ones. They can go up to about 6cm!
Pro: Can do a full hair curling at one shot and would not create fizzy ends.
Con: Blow drying might be needed.
Price range: S$4 and above for a set.
Round brush
My favourite! Hassle free! Do not try to use it as a ceremic curl and leave it on your wet hair and blow dry. Trust me on that.
Pro: Great for daily simple hair-do.
Con: Lots of blow drying.
Style that you want to create involves:
– Length of curling/Blow drying
– Direction of curling
– Tools involved especially in terms of quality
– Sectioning of hair
– Hair products to use to hold
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