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Eyebrows Part I

Posted on: August 20, 2008

Different Brows

Different Brows

side view

I use to score very high in class for eyebrow drawing. It’s my favourite part of doing a makeup. And I am very good at tweezing them! Different brows creates a different feeling when people look at you. If you want to look more masculine, has slightly thicker brows. If you would like to look more sexy, have a higher peak for the brows however not too thin because it would make you look like a witch. They colour can add youth at the same time, the wrong colour can add age to a face. Would upload more once I have experimented with it. Whatever you do, do not have “clown” or “tadpole” eyebrows whereby from the front view they look like a half moon and the front is too round. Look at the correct example above. There should be a smooth up slope which is at a 30-40 degrees angle. If you watch Korean dramas, the lead actress would usually have flat brows to get an innocent and helpless look. Not suitable for all though because if you have small eyes, flat brows would make you look tired. So remember, brows shape have to match the size of your eyes as well!


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