The Image Counsellor

High Shine!

Posted on: August 31, 2008

I simply love the contrast in colours for these photos! Notice the glossy look that the models have? You can achieve this by simply applying a white pearl white and slightly shimmer eyeshadow! Preferbably not those with glitter because then you will look too tacky. This eye makeup is not recommended if you have bulging eyes or wide double eyelids. You can also do this by using glossyeye shadows, however, it’s more difficult to handle and make it stay on the lids without looking like it is oil secretion.

The lips are so sexy! If you have flat lips, use a bit of gloss only at the center of the lips to give it a 3-D effect. Not on the whole lips! Even Angelina Jolie might not be able to pull that look off because you might look like you have just finished KFC. For mature ladies, your alternative choice is a high shimmer, golden lipstick which will act as a gloss and you will not have “thin bleeding lips”.


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