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Removing waterproof makeup

Posted on: August 31, 2008

Q: What do I do if I have to remove waterproof eye makeup?


A: The process of cleansing might take just a few minutes longer than the usual water and facial cleanser. Apply some remover onto the cotton pads. Instead of immediately rubbing the lotion onto the skin, soaks the makeup for about 30seconds and gentle glide. Do not drag the skin. Use a Q-tip to remove the mascara off the lashes and on the skin. Same goes for the lips. Use the Q-tip to clean between the lines on the lips.


It’s another challenging task for you if you have no idea how to remove makeup. There are waterproof makeup remover in the market which usually come in water in oil form (oil forming the higher component in the ingredient) that cleans off eye makeup easily. However buyers beware! Products with too much oil in the ingredient might cause oil seeds also known as milia seeds. Once formed, they might be difficult to remove. Believe me because I have experienced it before when I simply borrowed a “reknown” brand of remover and 1 tiny seed formed almost immediately! I would prefer water base cleansing products for the eyes. 


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