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FAQ – Puffy Eyes

Posted on: September 8, 2008

Qn: How do I get rid of dark eyes circles?

Ans: First question is to ask yourself how did you get those eye circles?

Dark eye circles are the formation of blue veins under the eye area. This would be more obvious if you missed a night’s sleep because of the amount of strain that you put them. If you have eye circles are most likely caused by the lack of oxygen supply to the lungs and body.


Other causes includes:

          Aging. The thinning of skin around the eye area which makes the blue veins more obvious especially when we age.

          Genetics. You will see that dark circles are more visible on people with fair skin.

          Iron deficiency. Lack of iron might cause a bluish tint under the eyes.


Home remedies:


Some of the traditional remedies include putting chamomile tea bags (already soaked) eye area and putting cucumber or potatoe slices to cool your tired eyes.


Personally I would like to massage the eye area in a circular motion with eye gel to encourage lymphatic drainage and to prevent sagging lids. I would very much avoid eye cream that is too thick. Always try out the texture of the eye cream on the back of your hands first. The cream should be quickly absorbed into the skin.


Best thing to do? Let your body have sufficient rest. Play some soothing music and perhaps mediate before bed.


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