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Look Younger with style

Posted on: September 14, 2008

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren



When age catches on there are plenty of things to consider – about our body as a whole. To revive our glowing skin and learning to conceal the areas that were once tender looking and youthful.

 Simple things to do to make yourself look younger and modest:

For the face…

1) Conceal fine lines around the eyes, forehead and lips. A cream one would conceal best.

2) Fill in the eyebrows because they will become lighter with age.

3) A (must!) Eyeliner for the droppy lips. A dark brown liner is a sure win.

4) Lipstick for a fresh look. No frosty colours please.  

5) A natural looking blusher to brighten the skin.

 Yu Ximan

Yu Ximan

For the body…

1) Wear long sleeves to cover flabby arms. A jacket or a shawl is good.

2) Have a piece of accessory – necklace or scarf as a form of distraction for the wrinkling neck.

3) Do not wear skirts that are shorter than 2 inches above your knees please.

4) Avoid wear spandex. Wear clothings with structure if you are a large size.

5) Wear the right fitting bra to give us the support we need!


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