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The moral of the story is….

1. Wax yourself if necessary… if not put on some clothes please.

2.Overly long nails are not sexy

3. Wash your hair

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This is a simple hair-do that you can do for any occassion. Divide one side of your hair into 3 sections – top, centre and bottom. Starting from the top, grasp some hair and pull it loosely to the other side of the head and secure with pins. Do the same for the centre and bottom. Repeat on the other side of the head but this time, leave the bottom section. If you have longer hair, you can curl it with a hair curler to give it that feminine look. You can also use colourful crystal pins or clips instead of black pins.


Been spending the morning curling my hair. First, curl the front bottom ends. As you move to the back of the hair, curl closer (tighter curls) to the scalp. This will create volume in the middle and top portion of the hair. Notice the cascading effects? End by spraying hair spray to hold the shape.

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I have a couple of financial planners who come to me for consultation. Since they are always on the go, below are the advice I would give to keep them looking fresh and clean all day. It’s easier to prepare an emergency kit then to lose a deal just because you looked sloppy at the end of the day.

Emergency kit: On-the-go

– Breathe freshener or mint

– Au de toilette or deodorant

– Comb

– White cotton undershirt (if you sweat alot )

– Wet/Dry tissue

Emergency kit: Desk

– Toothbrush and toothpaste

– Pressed shirts and pants

– Deodorant (Use this before you leave the office or house)

– Travel size razor and shaving cream

– Fresh pair of socks (Oh come on… be hygienic)

– Nail clippers

– Shoe Buffer

– Facial cleanser


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Recently received a comment about “tadpole eyebrows” referring to this link: . Below are some brows from different generations (black and white photos) and also supporting photos of badly drawn eyebrows. So please if you want to live in the history, by all means draw tadpole eyebrows. And yes I have tried it before and it’s ugly.