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A full afternoon of makeup was certainly exciting. Issues I faced were dealing with small eyes… really tinny weeny eyes. So…

A) Lashes is a must.

B) Use a contrasting colours to your eyes.

C) Liner please!

D) Dark colours are fine!


An oval face shape is supposedly the ideal face shape. However, a person can have a combination of face shape. The trick is to create a balance for the face and hair.


Pear shaped face has a larger jawline and narrow forehead. Strive a balance by creating an illusion of a fuller forehead by having fuller hair above the ears.


Reduce the number of angles on the face by having long hair and curls. Alternatively, a shoulder length hair blown inwards towards and hiding the jawline. Short hair might make you look very masculine.


Similar to an oval face shape but with a pointy chin. Have shoulder length hair blown outwards creating the illusion of a wider chin and jawline.

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