The Image Counsellor

Standing and walking

Posted on: January 31, 2009

1225082552_1591513691A great walk commands attention from the audience. It shows your confidence level and your mental state. A friend commented that I walked like an Amazon women going into a battle. After joining the image managment company, we were taught how to walk the proper way. It felt weird initially with practise, you will master the best walk ever!

1) Take a deep breath so that your chest is out. This helps to straighten your back and makes you look taller.

2) Shoulders slightly pulled back.

3) Erect your body comfortably. Make your body look tall by pointing your chin downwards and looking straight.

4) As you walk, swing your arms slightly and take long strides. Not baby steps.

How to pump up your confidence?

Have a mental mantra, “I look real cool!” or ” I feel like a million bucks!” My mantra is: I am the most beautiful woman walking down this street!

Smile! Let people wonder why you are happy!


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