The Image Counsellor

Customer Service

Posted on: February 18, 2009

6a00d8345233a569e200e54f83d0de8834-800wiOne of the toughest job in the world requires managing human relations, which is a necessary part of the retail industry. I have been into the service industry since I started working 10 years back – as a teacher, spa therapist, usher, retail manager, outdoor consultant, image consultant etc. I cannot do without people because people IS my business.

Have you ever experienced dealing with an argumentative customer? So what is the easiest way to deal with this “difficult” customer?

1) Calm their emotions. They might have had a bad day at work therefore want to vent their frustrations on someone. Listen to their emotions followed by the content.

2) Apologise for the distressed that was caused. On whatever level, the customer is already very upset. Do not aggrevate the situation by defending yourself. You still want a returning customer.

3) Take action. Search for various options of compromise. The customers might be right however you (and your company) should not be taken for a ride. Understand the limits to which you can help the customers. Always look for backup if you cannot handle the situation.


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