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Hair care

Posted on: March 4, 2009

I am pretty fortunate to have thick hair. Bet you cannot imagine my hair is twice the fullness back in my younger days because of the natural inner waves that I have. However after a hair treatment, it simply got tamed. Now that I have soft and managable silky hair, I make sure that I take good care of it by selecting the right shampoo. hairwash_big

Firstly, I love the current shampoo that I am using because it’s organic (no sodim laureth sulfate which cleans but dries that hair). Since my hair is thick, I would lather some on my palm,¬†tuck my fingers underneath my hair and massage my scalp. This is especially important for me because I use hair wax very often and I want my hair to be thoroughly cleaned. Then I would rinse off with cool water. This prevents sudden stimulation of the scalp and thus reduce hair loss.

Secondly, to moisturise my hair, use a conditioner. I am very paticular about what I use because some conditioners simply contain ingredients that makes the hair limpy and oily throughout the day. It’s fine if your hair is dry and unruly but I need the volume (look for Polyquaternium 7). To clean out hair wax or gel, use conditioner first to soften the stiffness, rinse through then use shampoo.

Lastly, for volume, blow dry hair underneathe first with a circular hair brush followed by the top layer.

Happy hair day!


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