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Sexy Single eye-lids

Posted on: March 4, 2009

Single eye-lids can look sexy with these few tips:

Ladies with single lids can enhance their eyes with a thick liner. A darker eye shadow can help to create an illusion of double lids. Look at Sandra Oh from The Grey’s Anatomy. She would appear with smoky looking eyes at red carpets events too.

Fake it. Use a double eye-lid tape or glue. This requires some practice to make the new lid look natural. It can do wonders.  Alternatively, use a dark brown eye-liner and draw your own double lid and use a natural colour (shell) over the lid line.

Enhance your lids with dramatic lashes. Cut the lashes according to the length of your eyes. If you want to elongate your eyes, stick a thicker layer of lash at the end of the lashline. To make it bigger, more in the centre.



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