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Correct Droppy Eyes

Posted on: March 7, 2009

eyelid_droopyDroopy (heavy) eyelids before and after makeup

Upper eyelid drooping can caused by:

– Too much fat and skin in the upper lids

– Lost of elasticity of eyelid muscles causing droppy brows and lids

– Over-stretching or tear of the eyelid muscles

Most asians do not have very deep set eyes so it’s important to create contours around the eye area. The tips below offer simple ways to “lift” droopy lids. Practise is the key!

To rectify the situation:

– Use a highlighter (off-white or champagne) on the brow bone area especially below the inner corner of the brows.

– Use a medium eye shadow (for a start) on the outer1/3 corner of the eye and sweep upwards like a bird spreading it’s wing. Do not sweep the colour too high otherwise you will look like a vixen. Make sure the shadow on both sides are balanced.

– Focus a liner on the inner lash line rather than the outer corner which will emphaise on the droopiness.

– Finish by applying mascara on the outer upper and lower corner lashes. Read  Lashes for more information.

Photos extract:


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