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Fashion Photography

Posted on: March 10, 2009

Makeup should compliment or coordinate with the mood, atmosphere and style. Your objective is to achieve a balance in the final production.

Factors affecting photography makeup:

1.      Product portrayed – What is it that you are trying to sell

2.      Location – Indoors or outdoor

3.      Style of photography – Romantic, dramatic, futuristic, etc

4.      Age of model – Youthful or mature

5.      Colours – Natural or multi-colours

6.      Lighting – White or yellow

7.      Hair – Styling

8.      Clothes – Coordination of overall look

9.      Backdrop and props – Fabric or paper and subjects of interests

Try using the items below to enhance your makeup:

1.      Colour corrector – For concealing shadows

2.      Shader/Highlighter – To create a 3-D effect

3.      Fake Lashes – Enlarges the eyes

Your skills are put to the test for photography makeup when there is minimal digital enhancement.


1.      Concealing, shading and highlighting should be subtle and well blended

2.      Foundation colour has to match the skin tone

3.      Remove excess power to avoid a cakey finish

4.      Avoid any hard lines for eye shadows and blushers


1 Response to "Fashion Photography"

Awesome post! More people need to read and understand and APPLY!

Often, I have models come in too cheap to pay an MUA and do the makeup their selves, TERRIBLE idea!! A GOOD MUA is irreplaceable.

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