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Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung

 (L) Rock Chic. This is taken in 2000. (R) In 2007, she has adopted a classy look.

Zhang Zi Yi

Zhang Zi Yi

 What’s with the Oriental red Chiong Sam? She went from Eeks to Sleek.

Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh

 My idol. The tough lady transformed from a Mama-San to Mama-Mia.

Our Asian stars shed their Oriental image to a more globally appealing look. So which do you prefer?

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I have joined the married couples club. The recent feedback that I have been getting from my friends are : Why is my husband not dressing well? He does not take care of his looks anymore! The husband will go: But this is how I usually wear!

The truth is, your husband continues to wear the same cothes and style, however when they get into their 30s and 40s, they shold start changing their “fashion sense”. As men ages, they supposedly gain more respect and success in life. Therefore, as their status progresses, so should their clothings. No doubt i t requires eot. as society’s civility progresses, so should you.

As for ladies, men has to be taught and not nagged. Do not change his wardrobe immediately because this would invade his privacy. Do it subtly while you are shopping with him or prasing the way he looks the next time you see him.

danielcraig1Richard GereWas sitting at a coffeeshop with my principal image consultant yesterday. She was training me how to check out the skin colours of the passer-by and detemine which season they belong to – Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. And we noticed there are rarely any “Summer” man in Singapore. They are the gentlemen who has soft features, hair colour and pinky skin tone. Once again I relied on the internet to look for movie stars who possess such charateristics. These are people who look exceptionally well in almost different shades of greys and silvers. On the left you have Daniel Craig from James Bond who looks incredibly sauve in the grey suit and silver tie. And Richard Gere whom I remembered dearly from the movie, Pretty Woman, who charmed the socks off actress, Julia Roberts. For the movie, James Bond to take off, they will definitely need a Summer man who is a chick-magnet and can pull it off as a secret agent.


Posted on: April 9, 2009

My friend was asking me what to wear for his interview for a post in the government. So I did more research online, and my first instinct was to click on the word: Obama. He took (or rather his group of image consultants and stylists) careful considering to dress him up. I was particularly attracted to the ties that he wears during his Presidential champaign. Which coloured tie should he wear on his visits to different states and speaking to specific target audience? Although the tie seemed to be a simple accessory, it serves great purpose when you are a celebrity. Can you imagine Obama wearing a pink, floral tie when he is meeting with his Senate? More often would you see professional speakers/trainers wearing a red tie because “red” would bring the focus onto the speaker especially during a competition. For politicians usually, it’s a blue tie (of various shades) because it portrays a sense of loyality and patriotism. So choose wisely.

greentieBarack Obamablueblueredtie

Hair Day

Posted on: April 3, 2009



Was playing with my friend’s hair the other day. See the difference whether you hide your ear behind the hair? The first photo looks more flattering because she has pointy ears. Look in the mirror and try checking if you look younger by showing more of your ears (yes show more skin). Shows interesting results.

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