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Finally, I am getting my braces done on Monday! I had 4 teeth pre-molar teeth removed this week. Trying to have my regular meals posed an issue because my jaw just aches from the process. My Mother-in-law was kind enough to sliced the sandwiches into bite size and made congee for me.

About 10 years back, an aquaintant pointed out that my teeth are crooked. It did not really bother me because I am just a student and my duty is not to look good. However, my attitude changed during my interview 2 years back, with my current boss who is a respected figure in the image managment industry, pointed out that I should get my braces done. I wonder “Why?”. A smile is worth a million dollars and sometimes it means winning the trust of people to earn that millions. It shows trust and sincerety. Also, it signifies your hygiene and increases your probability in getting a partner! Face it, looks counts. Do you want to kiss someone with crooked decaying teeth? A smile is a curve that sets everything straight – Phyllis Diller.



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fondaG2201_468x680When I hit 25, I noticed the changes in my body. My skin tone is not that bright and elastic. Once I hit 28, fine lines seemed more noticable and I am prone to having pigments. I welcome them with open arms, because I embrace my age. For those of you who are not ready in getting there, take care of yourself.

1) Breasts. This is serious. Your boobs will feel saggy. Do massages and bench presses whenever you are free so as to keep those glands active. Most of all, get a bra that provides enough support and not because it is “pretty”. Protect y0ur precious. There is only 1 set. Fake ones will never feel the same.

2) Your skin loses its elasticity. So, start those moisturisers going! Invest… it need not be an expensive brands. There are natural remedy in slowing down the aging process. Apply olive oil on your face or even hair to keep it hydrated. It contains high vitamin E to keep skin glowing and healthy.

3) Eat healthy. Although I am not a saint in watching my diet, I made sure that I take my supplments to keep me going. Drink lots of freshly squeezed fruit juices! Reduce your intake of carbohydrates because as we age, our body’s metabolism rate drops, therefore we digest slower and gain weight faster!

4) Dress your age. You are no longer in the teenage years. Time to grow up and get some proper and decent clothes which does not expose your mid-drift. Basic makeup is a necessity as it is a form of public courteosy. Do you ever want to see your mum in her 40s dressing like she is in her 20s? Well I don’t! Mature ladies should dress with sophistication and taste. If you are not sure what to do about yourself, consult an image professional!


If you have black hair and want to add a bit of life to your face, a simple copper highlight goes a long way for Asians with golden yellow skin toneLucy Liu. Auburn for those fair yellow or pinkish skin. The finer your hair, the brighter the initial colour would be because the dye can penetrate the entire shaft of hair quickly. So do not fret when there is a high contrast in the highlights and original hair colour.  There are some of us who aspire to be blonde, Asian blonde. I would not recommend a full blonde because ultimately, the base colour of our hair is black or dark brown. Well, you can either cause your skin to look white washed or simply unnatural. Not everyone can pulled off the colour and be called elegant. In this case, a chemical is used to bleach the hair before a new colour is added on. Remind yourself of your Asian roots (no pun intended).

Blonde asian

If you are in an industry where being “conventional” is the key culture, as far as possible, choose a hair dye close to your hair colour. If creativity is stressed at your workplace, go ahead and be more adventurous. How you hightlight your hair affects the way your customers and colleagues see you. Do it with care and consideration.

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palin and feyWent spectacles shopping with my friend the other day. The optician from several shops went: Oh angular and retangular spectacles are the current trend. Guess what? What’s in fashion does not mean it looks fabulous on you.

Take time to observe the generic trend that certain people from different industries would wear. Politicians, salesman, doctors, teachers…somehow I noticed a trend for them. In general, politicians prefer thin metal frames, salesman like slightly thick black frames… recently we conducted a class for teachers and they red ones with thick temples. What’s your take?

Factors to consider are the distant between your eyes, brows height, size of the face and so on. To make it simple, in terms of shape, if you have an angular jawline, you can go for glasses with more angles like retangular shaped spectacles. If there are more obvious curves on the face, go for softer frames like oval shaped glasses to balance the outline of your face. For material/texture, shiny frames might make you look more mature and matt ones perhaps reserve for casual events.

So who wears it better? Sarah or Fey?