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How to choose Spectacles

Posted on: August 2, 2009

palin and feyWent spectacles shopping with my friend the other day. The optician from several shops went: Oh angular and retangular spectacles are the current trend. Guess what? What’s in fashion does not mean it looks fabulous on you.

Take time to observe the generic trend that certain people from different industries would wear. Politicians, salesman, doctors, teachers…somehow I noticed a trend for them. In general, politicians prefer thin metal frames, salesman like slightly thick black frames… recently we conducted a class for teachers and they red ones with thick temples. What’s your take?

Factors to consider are the distant between your eyes, brows height, size of the face and so on. To make it simple, in terms of shape, if you have an angular jawline, you can go for glasses with more angles like retangular shaped spectacles. If there are more obvious curves on the face, go for softer frames like oval shaped glasses to balance the outline of your face. For material/texture, shiny frames might make you look more mature and matt ones perhaps reserve for casual events.

So who wears it better? Sarah or Fey?


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