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What Hair Colour should I choose?

Posted on: August 3, 2009

If you have black hair and want to add a bit of life to your face, a simple copper highlight goes a long way for Asians with golden yellow skin toneLucy Liu. Auburn for those fair yellow or pinkish skin. The finer your hair, the brighter the initial colour would be because the dye can penetrate the entire shaft of hair quickly. So do not fret when there is a high contrast in the highlights and original hair colour.  There are some of us who aspire to be blonde, Asian blonde. I would not recommend a full blonde because ultimately, the base colour of our hair is black or dark brown. Well, you can either cause your skin to look white washed or simply unnatural. Not everyone can pulled off the colour and be called elegant. In this case, a chemical is used to bleach the hair before a new colour is added on. Remind yourself of your Asian roots (no pun intended).

Blonde asian

If you are in an industry where being “conventional” is the key culture, as far as possible, choose a hair dye close to your hair colour. If creativity is stressed at your workplace, go ahead and be more adventurous. How you hightlight your hair affects the way your customers and colleagues see you. Do it with care and consideration.

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