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WWW – Make Up from ana manzano on Vimeo.

My video screening at the event WHAT WOMEN WANT.


Bracelets are one of the must have accessories! I love bracelets! Especially matte gold pieces that matches my skin tone. Each piece of accessories that we adorn represents who we are and adds that extra touch to our wrists in place of a watch (because we have our mobile phones!)

A leather piece can add youth and a sense of rebellion when matched with a feminine dress. I do not own a piece though because it’s “not me”. I prefer metal pieces that offers me that sense of establishment.

Fergie and Miley Cirus with tons of cuffs and spunk.

Add more bracelets to give an ethnic touch to your look.

What I like to do is to wear a plain top or dress and accessories myself with crystal bracelets in the evening. A classy and elegant look goes a long way. If you are petite, I suggest that you do for a thin bracelet because thicker pieces might weigh you down. For thick wrists, you can have a medium size bracelet and perhaps more elaborate one to distract others from the fingers. So don’t just put on one bracelet, explore with combining a couple of different texture! Have fun!