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Ankle Boots!

Posted on: October 16, 2010

This is dedicated to brown ankle boots! It’s tough to find photos for brown because almost everyone wears black! Oh well! And guess what? During a sale, I cannot stop myself but to get a pair because it’s so affordable and pretty! Haha… I have been keeping it since… June because I want to find the right time of the year to wear them! Anyway, it does not matter since you can match them with skinny jeans or even trendier, wear them with leggings. However, a word of caution, if you have thick thighs, please do not wear leggings!

A dark brown pair of stockings is the way to go with the light brown boots. So pretty… I shall give it a go tomorrow by wearing them with my white jeans. If the jeans are long enough, we can tuck it into the boots. Looks even cooler (no bun intended) with a mini skirt or shorts!

Looooove the cutting for this pair of leather boots. Leather is the most common yet the best investment as it never go out of style. Another choice is the suede ones.

A good choice of a pair of sand-coloured leggings. Looks classy. I am getting a pair of leggings and socks to match my boots!

This is a beautiful pair with wooden heels which reminds me of a pool table cue. It’s designed by an online blogger which made it onto the shelves!


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