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Celebrities Hair colour

Posted on: November 12, 2010

The importance of hair colour and getting a good image consultant. Take a look at the celebrities with an array of hair colour during their acting career. Who would you want to put on the big screen and for which role?

Despite bad press, Linsay Lohan has one of the most verstile hair colours ever. Jetblack, ashburn to blonde. At age 24, the black hair makes her look more mature than she is. Suitable to a nightclub and of course her expensive night life.

If you take a closer look at her skin, there is actually some freckles on her cheeks which makes her look girly and innocent. During her early career, she looks great with auburn hair. Her supposedly real hair colour.

I am not sure with the pale baby blonde though. However, with her blue contact lenses (yes they love to wear different eye colour) she can pull of the blonde effortlessly. Her natural eye colour is actually green which matches the red hair. For the black hair, she put on grey/blue contact lenses.

Ah… Jessica Alba. I love her long golden blonde locks. Noticed how the colour of the eyebrows make a difference in giving her the energy she needs? Blonde hair with same coloured brows does not bring light to her eyes. Whereas the photo below, with a darker brow makes her brown eyes shine. Be wise with your brow makeup.

This photo is just wrong. Her warm auburn hair colour makes her skin look harsh and contradicts with the cool electric blue eyeshadow.

I love Charlize Theron with the champagne blonde. She looks very angelic and soft with the soft pinkish skin. She won the TV guy’s “Decade of Hotness” award. Could not have agreed more. Then there was the jetblack hair colour for the movie Aeon Flux. She also looks good with this hair colour, however with a shorter hair style is more flattering and youthful.


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