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The Chinese Lunar New Year is around the corner. Have you started clearing out your cupboard full of dust mites and cob webs? I have already cleared mine, hoping to store more new clothings after the New year celebrations. There are pieces that I have kept ever since I am 15, because I can still fit into them and in pristine condition. Be realistic though. Going past 30s, I am already to get larger size bottoms.

Some pieces to keep if I were you:

Jumpsuit – Although it’s (presently) not in fashion, you can alter the length for summer time!  If it’s an evening piece, please leave it alone. You can still wear it for special occasions.

This is nothing like the Harem pants (baggy, layered pants). If you have those, please put them into the “avant garde” bin. Or perhaps it’s just me.

Also note that some jump suits have a relatively high waistline. Few Asian ladies can carry them well because statistically, we have shorter waistline in this region.


Audrey Hepburn or Jacqueline Kennedy inspired dresses – Style icons of the 60s! MUST KEEP! I love the puffy skirts and clean lines of the dresses. Forget about the 20″ waist, Audrey’s dresses looks fantastic on those with fuller bums. Jac’s dresses are for those seeking for classy a look.









Alter vintage clothing into modern vintage, by removing the sleeves, alter the length or by adding buttons to a plain dress yet preserve the design/outline of the piece of clothing. Find a good tailor if it’s an expensive piece rather than D.I.Y style.

Pieces you can give to the thrift shops, teens who are on budget, or just keep on keeping them (not)!

Leather and cropped bustier – I do not foresee this coming back anytime soon. Unless you want to keep them for your night time leisure or Harley D road trips.

Abstract and multi-coloured dresses – There are times when I have the urge to buy them from vintage shops, because they look colourful and cute. It works for some but definitely no me. They look gowdy for now. Perfect pieces for Grandma’s parties though.



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