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From an Image Consultant’s point of view, I am more concern of the overall effects that it produces and the impression that you give to others.

Take into consideration:

1) Age group – I decide to post this because it’s the “In” thing for plenty of teenage girls. If you are below 25, perhaps it’s still considered acceptable to wear any kind of lashes that you like. It’s also a time when you are still exploring your personal identity. However, once we become more established in life, and become more confident of ourselves, we can do without them.

2) Location and Occasion – Look at your colleagues, do they wear fake lashes at work? Some companies might not encourage their employee to wear fake lashes even though it might not be stated in the “employee’s guidelines”. Usually fake lashes are worn for special functions such as a dinner event to add some element of interest to your eyes. However, ladies would choose to put them on because of the low density of natural lashes that they have or because of fashion trend. If need be and in order to make yourself look “Au Natural”, choose lashes such as E49, E33 or E46 in the day.

3) Design – You name it, the market has it – Criss cross, dalmante or coloured ones. Do you know, professional makeup artists take into consideration the shape and size of your eyes before putting on those heavy lashes? And if you have heavy eyebags, stay away from criss-cross lashes. It makes us look older.

Putting it on the professional ways requires more than just glueing them on.

1) Curl your lashes and apply a thin layer of mascara

2) Apply a thin layer of lash glue onto the desired lash and let it dry for 10 seconds so that the white glue does not appear on your lashline

3) Use a tweezer if necessary to put on the lash. To make it curl nicely, push the lashes slightly upwards and towards your upper lid along with your natural lashes. Let it set for 20s.

4) Before opening your eyes, gently separate the upper and lower lids to ensure that glue is not stuck onto the lower lid.

5) Add an additional coat of mascara if you desire.

fondaG2201_468x680When I hit 25, I noticed the changes in my body. My skin tone is not that bright and elastic. Once I hit 28, fine lines seemed more noticable and I am prone to having pigments. I welcome them with open arms, because I embrace my age. For those of you who are not ready in getting there, take care of yourself.

1) Breasts. This is serious. Your boobs will feel saggy. Do massages and bench presses whenever you are free so as to keep those glands active. Most of all, get a bra that provides enough support and not because it is “pretty”. Protect y0ur precious. There is only 1 set. Fake ones will never feel the same.

2) Your skin loses its elasticity. So, start those moisturisers going! Invest… it need not be an expensive brands. There are natural remedy in slowing down the aging process. Apply olive oil on your face or even hair to keep it hydrated. It contains high vitamin E to keep skin glowing and healthy.

3) Eat healthy. Although I am not a saint in watching my diet, I made sure that I take my supplments to keep me going. Drink lots of freshly squeezed fruit juices! Reduce your intake of carbohydrates because as we age, our body’s metabolism rate drops, therefore we digest slower and gain weight faster!

4) Dress your age. You are no longer in the teenage years. Time to grow up and get some proper and decent clothes which does not expose your mid-drift. Basic makeup is a necessity as it is a form of public courteosy. Do you ever want to see your mum in her 40s dressing like she is in her 20s? Well I don’t! Mature ladies should dress with sophistication and taste. If you are not sure what to do about yourself, consult an image professional!


Do you have flaws on the skin which simply cannot be covered by a beige concealer? Colour correction can be quite a  good skill to acquire if you would like to makeup your flaws disappear in an instant!

White – Bring forward shadows caused by aging.2451735204_2c48e959bf

Apricot/Peach/Yellow – Highlight eyes and can be used for concealing under blue veins under the eyes, bruises or dark spots caused by aging.

Green – Correct redness such as pimples.

Light Pink/Pink – Tone down pigments on light to medium skin and brightens eye area.

Rose – For redness on deeper skin tone.

Lavender – Sallow skin. Tends to look very yellowish.

Blue – For redness for medium to light skin tone.

Photo from Flickr

0210pfeiffer1881Our face loses its elasticity as we age. Fine lines and eye bags are formed… Yes, it sounds scary but it’s true. I have done makeup for mature ladies especially wedding dinner. Some important tips to take home when you slap on any makeup: 

PREP YOUR SKIN with moisturisers. Gel or Creamy face moisturisers are fine. Worse come to worse, use a light oil such as rose hip oil to prep your skin. Give it time to set. Eye area just use light eye gel. We do not want the colour to run.

Must Haves!

1) Light diffusing primer and creamy foundation to create a smooth textured face.

2) Sheer loose powder for that polished look. Too much 2-way cake will enhance the lines!

3) Yellow base, light diffusing concealer for the eye areas. Be light-handed on that. Do not apply too much concealer otherwise it will look too artificial.

My advice to you is to be light-handed. Age gracefully!

A few of my young customers have been asking me about drawing smoky kira_naytli1eyes. If you were to do this, please ensure that you have created a flawless base especially concealer under the eyes so that you would look polished. For beginners, use a light colour such as copper or bronze before you use deeper colours like black or dark navy. Usually smoky eyes are meant for evenings functions, however more youngsters are wearing it in the day as a fashion statement. It’s your choice.

– To ensure that your eye makeup stays throughout the evening, use a primer or base on the eyelids. Then put some loose powder underneathe the eyes so as to catch the excess eye shadow colours.

– Use a  liner  to trace your eyes (top and bottom), then smudge with a cotton bud.Use an eyeshadow of your choice to blend from the upper liner to your eye crease. Starting from the outer end, move inwards.

– Then depending on how much shadow you want to put at the bottom, apply some at the outer corner of the eye (1/3) then blend and move inwards to cover the whole bottom liner.

– Dust off the excess powder and shadow under the eyes. And clean the rough edges of the eye shadow with a cotton bud.

– To add some spice to your smoky eye, add some shimmer on the eye shadow but use sparingly!

– A strong brow should match the eyes.

– Your choice of lipstick is very important to complete the look! Pale Nude creates a mysterious look, dark lips and eyes gives a gothic feel. Explore and enjoy!

Makeup should compliment or coordinate with the mood, atmosphere and style. Your objective is to achieve a balance in the final production.

Factors affecting photography makeup:

1.      Product portrayed – What is it that you are trying to sell

2.      Location – Indoors or outdoor

3.      Style of photography – Romantic, dramatic, futuristic, etc

4.      Age of model – Youthful or mature

5.      Colours – Natural or multi-colours

6.      Lighting – White or yellow

7.      Hair – Styling

8.      Clothes – Coordination of overall look

9.      Backdrop and props – Fabric or paper and subjects of interests

Try using the items below to enhance your makeup:

1.      Colour corrector – For concealing shadows

2.      Shader/Highlighter – To create a 3-D effect

3.      Fake Lashes – Enlarges the eyes

Your skills are put to the test for photography makeup when there is minimal digital enhancement.


1.      Concealing, shading and highlighting should be subtle and well blended

2.      Foundation colour has to match the skin tone

3.      Remove excess power to avoid a cakey finish

4.      Avoid any hard lines for eye shadows and blushers