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The Chinese Lunar New Year is around the corner. Have you started clearing out your cupboard full of dust mites and cob webs? I have already cleared mine, hoping to store more new clothings after the New year celebrations. There are pieces that I have kept ever since I am 15, because I can still fit into them and in pristine condition. Be realistic though. Going past 30s, I am already to get larger size bottoms.

Some pieces to keep if I were you:

Jumpsuit – Although it’s (presently) not in fashion, you can alter the length for summer time!  If it’s an evening piece, please leave it alone. You can still wear it for special occasions.

This is nothing like the Harem pants (baggy, layered pants). If you have those, please put them into the “avant garde” bin. Or perhaps it’s just me.

Also note that some jump suits have a relatively high waistline. Few Asian ladies can carry them well because statistically, we have shorter waistline in this region.


Audrey Hepburn or Jacqueline Kennedy inspired dresses – Style icons of the 60s! MUST KEEP! I love the puffy skirts and clean lines of the dresses. Forget about the 20″ waist, Audrey’s dresses looks fantastic on those with fuller bums. Jac’s dresses are for those seeking for classy a look.









Alter vintage clothing into modern vintage, by removing the sleeves, alter the length or by adding buttons to a plain dress yet preserve the design/outline of the piece of clothing. Find a good tailor if it’s an expensive piece rather than D.I.Y style.

Pieces you can give to the thrift shops, teens who are on budget, or just keep on keeping them (not)!

Leather and cropped bustier – I do not foresee this coming back anytime soon. Unless you want to keep them for your night time leisure or Harley D road trips.

Abstract and multi-coloured dresses – There are times when I have the urge to buy them from vintage shops, because they look colourful and cute. It works for some but definitely no me. They look gowdy for now. Perfect pieces for Grandma’s parties though.



This is dedicated to brown ankle boots! It’s tough to find photos for brown because almost everyone wears black! Oh well! And guess what? During a sale, I cannot stop myself but to get a pair because it’s so affordable and pretty! Haha… I have been keeping it since… June because I want to find the right time of the year to wear them! Anyway, it does not matter since you can match them with skinny jeans or even trendier, wear them with leggings. However, a word of caution, if you have thick thighs, please do not wear leggings!

A dark brown pair of stockings is the way to go with the light brown boots. So pretty… I shall give it a go tomorrow by wearing them with my white jeans. If the jeans are long enough, we can tuck it into the boots. Looks even cooler (no bun intended) with a mini skirt or shorts!

Looooove the cutting for this pair of leather boots. Leather is the most common yet the best investment as it never go out of style. Another choice is the suede ones.

A good choice of a pair of sand-coloured leggings. Looks classy. I am getting a pair of leggings and socks to match my boots!

This is a beautiful pair with wooden heels which reminds me of a pool table cue. It’s designed by an online blogger which made it onto the shelves!


It has been wet September in Singapore. My star buy for this month is a long cardigan from Cotton On! Below are some ways to dress up the long cardigan. If you have thick hips/thighs, I would suggest not to button up the cardigan which will create an inverted “V” which would make you look larger. The thicker the cardigan, the more bulk it will add. For those who just want a feminine, flowy feeling, a thin or even translucent cardigan would do the trick.

A dramatic piece with wavy front. Middle range prices can be found at Mango or Zara.

A kimono style sleeves. A spunky look with a simple t-shirt and shorts. I love it! You can get this piece online or Cotton On. It’s pretty popular this season. Versatile and practical. A good piece to invest in.

A no-no for big size ladies. Unbutton so that there is a vertical lines in the centre which helps to create an illusion of a slimmer and longer bodice.

Different ways to add some delight to the long cardigan.

My recent stash is a pair of DKNY sunglasses from my husband as our 9th year anniversary present. I have been looking for a proper pair for a long time because my face is relatively small so the frames are either too wide or I cannot get the colour that I want. However, oversize sunglasses are in! So even though it looks a tad big, I still look “in-fashion”. The question is how to look extra interesting. Since Autumn is here (okay, you only get sun and more sun over here… just play along), pair it with a nice hat. This is especially useful for those with a long face (read my previous post on hats). The key is to match the frames to the colour of the hat, top or even the colour of your hair, and of course a beaming smile.

If you want to opt for something more retro, you can try tying a bandana or a hair band. I find that those with angular face looks prettier with squarish spectacle frames. Pick one that has UV protection as it is way better for your vision as it would not dilate your pupils, causing more light to enter your eyes. It is worth investing in a pair which might cause $200+ in Singapore from a licensed optician. It will last you about 3-4 years before the coat of UV protection on the lens wears out.

How I wish that it snows in Singapore so that I have a valid excuse to put on gloves. However, I realised that there are ways in which we can confidently put them on for any occasion!

Fergie goes it elegantly and tastefully by matching  a pair of oyster colored leather gloves and a dress to give a smart casual look. It does not take a pair of Channel gloves to look like a star. You can always look for alternatives at places like M)phosis which is offering a black pair for $20 – $40. I am so tempted to get one for my Taiwan trip.

Even Michelle Obama have a thing for gloves… thanks to her image consultant. The gloves that matches the colour of your clothes would give the illusion of longer arms. It is so hard to find a green pair. I am green with envy.

Play with the texture. In this photo, a velvet pair. Accessories your gloves with a bracelet, ring or a watch! Winter is around the corner, gloves comes in cotton, silk, leather etc. My friend got a pair of UV -protection gloves ($35) from Japan. It is light, foldable and lacy. You can wear them in the heat! If you want one, try Takashimaya. They have almost everything that has UV protection. It is the worth the price in order to protect your beautiful arms from getting pigments. Useful to wear a pair while you are driving.

My UV protection gloves

For the punk in you. Purchase a short pair that flaunts your nail polish or even get those with studs for the more adventurous you. 77 Street offer them. Shorter pair is also suitable for those with not so slim arms.

Selita Ebanks matches her long gloves with her heels. Gloves in any texture can add some delight to a plain evening gown. I am so getting a pair… in the right colour.

Millinery hat

Pretty pretty hats! Cloche, berets, millinery… the list goes on. Yes, yes… it might look silly wearing hats in the hot weather of Singapore. Nevertheless, I do have 3 pieces which I got from Vietnam! I have a relatively small and oval shape face, so when I am picking I have to watch the scale of the hat and of course the colour because we are wearing it closest to the face. Some tips on wearing a vintage hat…


Large and round face:


Hats with medium height to add length to the face.

Hats with a rather wide brim so that the face looks relatively smaller.

Hats with an irregular brim line with upward roll on one side and with a slight droop on the opposite side. This brings the eye level upwards and add length to the face.

Millinery with a center piece


Close-fitting and rimless hat which emphasize the width of the face.

Small and oval face:


Hats with crowns that are close-fitting to the head.

Hats with soft crowns pulled slightly to one side.

Hats with trimmings arranged in informal balance.


Rimless hats accentuate the sharpness of the face

Hats with trimmings that are large and heavy otherwise we look like a fruit head.

Cloche hat with small brim


Posted on: July 13, 2010

I have been trying to look for a decent jacket for a long time. I am amazed by how a simple jacket can be paired with skirts, pants, casual and formal. Add on a necklace or scarf, it’s beautiful and elegant! Simply love it!

Guess what?

I found some really good bargains at The Salvation Army! They are brand new… probably donated by the companies.

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