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Millinery hat

Pretty pretty hats! Cloche, berets, millinery… the list goes on. Yes, yes… it might look silly wearing hats in the hot weather of Singapore. Nevertheless, I do have 3 pieces which I got from Vietnam! I have a relatively small and oval shape face, so when I am picking I have to watch the scale of the hat and of course the colour because we are wearing it closest to the face. Some tips on wearing a vintage hat…


Large and round face:


Hats with medium height to add length to the face.

Hats with a rather wide brim so that the face looks relatively smaller.

Hats with an irregular brim line with upward roll on one side and with a slight droop on the opposite side. This brings the eye level upwards and add length to the face.

Millinery with a center piece


Close-fitting and rimless hat which emphasize the width of the face.

Small and oval face:


Hats with crowns that are close-fitting to the head.

Hats with soft crowns pulled slightly to one side.

Hats with trimmings arranged in informal balance.


Rimless hats accentuate the sharpness of the face

Hats with trimmings that are large and heavy otherwise we look like a fruit head.

Cloche hat with small brim



Posted on: July 13, 2010

I have been trying to look for a decent jacket for a long time. I am amazed by how a simple jacket can be paired with skirts, pants, casual and formal. Add on a necklace or scarf, it’s beautiful and elegant! Simply love it!

Guess what?

I found some really good bargains at The Salvation Army! They are brand new… probably donated by the companies.

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WWW – Make Up from ana manzano on Vimeo.

My video screening at the event WHAT WOMEN WANT.


Bracelets are one of the must have accessories! I love bracelets! Especially matte gold pieces that matches my skin tone. Each piece of accessories that we adorn represents who we are and adds that extra touch to our wrists in place of a watch (because we have our mobile phones!)

A leather piece can add youth and a sense of rebellion when matched with a feminine dress. I do not own a piece though because it’s “not me”. I prefer metal pieces that offers me that sense of establishment.

Fergie and Miley Cirus with tons of cuffs and spunk.

Add more bracelets to give an ethnic touch to your look.

What I like to do is to wear a plain top or dress and accessories myself with crystal bracelets in the evening. A classy and elegant look goes a long way. If you are petite, I suggest that you do for a thin bracelet because thicker pieces might weigh you down. For thick wrists, you can have a medium size bracelet and perhaps more elaborate one to distract others from the fingers. So don’t just put on one bracelet, explore with combining a couple of different texture! Have fun!

Once deemed as farmers’ shirt, it has made a come back to dominate the fashion scene! Worn as a boyfriend shirt or as a dress even! During training today, we had a debate about how these checkered shirts would do for us. Considering he stripes, it will supposedly “sliced” our body into several portions therefore making us look slimmer. On the other hand, these are not meant for people who has a huge tummy because the lines would never sit straight! Why not give it a try and see what comments you would get? Drop me a message about it.


What sparked this issue was my concerned with people  purchasing aviator sunglasses. And when they put it on, the glasses rest on the cheeks rather than the nose.  Note the shape is designed mainly for people with longer and broader lower face.

Round face avoid angular glasses as the contrast is too high. Select glasses with more contours – not round. But if you would like to look more creative and amusing, by all means try wearing a pair. And be prepared for the response that you will get. The same theory applies if you have an angular face.

Try to get yourself at least 2 pairs of spectacles for example, 2 different colours or  thickness in frames,  for formal and casual events.

1) Leave home with wet hair – Shows that you have lousy time management

2) Display ungroomed nails – Gives you away even though you put on neat clothings

3) Have your butt cheeks split up into 4 sections with a maxi panty – Time to change to a larger size

4) Have bad breathe – Please do something about your acidic diet

5) Show off your armpit hair – Give it a final touch by shaving them

6) Not take a shower from top to toe – Believe me, people can see and smell you from miles away

7) Wear stockings with open-toe heels – It’s like wearing socks with slippers

8) Put on hair extensions when you have enough hair to show off – It’s just unnecessary

9) Wear fake lashes or lash extensions that are longer than your nose – My husband pointed this out to me

10) Speak on top of your voice everywhere you go – People can hear you