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Bracelets are one of the must have accessories! I love bracelets! Especially matte gold pieces that matches my skin tone. Each piece of accessories that we adorn represents who we are and adds that extra touch to our wrists in place of a watch (because we have our mobile phones!)

A leather piece can add youth and a sense of rebellion when matched with a feminine dress. I do not own a piece though because it’s “not me”. I prefer metal pieces that offers me that sense of establishment.

Fergie and Miley Cirus with tons of cuffs and spunk.

Add more bracelets to give an ethnic touch to your look.

What I like to do is to wear a plain top or dress and accessories myself with crystal bracelets in the evening. A classy and elegant look goes a long way. If you are petite, I suggest that you do for a thin bracelet because thicker pieces might weigh you down. For thick wrists, you can have a medium size bracelet and perhaps more elaborate one to distract others from the fingers. So don’t just put on one bracelet, explore with combining a couple of different texture! Have fun!


Was shopping in Johore yesterday and I found a matt gold necklace that I liked. I resisted the temptation of purchasing the necklace because my friend commented: It is not outstanding. Just last week I spent a hefty amount on a thick geometric necklace. There was mixed comments about it. So it brought me to sharing this article with you. HOW does it take to wear a necklace? Not just any necklace but a necklace that suits you?

Take into consideration your face shape, size of the necklace in proportion of your neck and body and what clothes are your wearing to complement the necklace. If you have a intricately designed necklace, it would go better with a simple or plain top so as to put the focus on the necklace. If you prefer a more dramatic style, you can go for colours that contrasts with your dress.


Keri Russell prefers to use complimentary colours for her necklace. Goes well with her gown, however the necklace length can be 1/2 inch shorter than shown in the photo. 3234288118_568954261d

A medium-length necklace goes well with a very low V-neck top because it emphasise on your assets as well as the neckalce. If y0u have a long neck, go for chokers. For an inviting look, go for a long necklace.


Posted on: April 9, 2009

My friend was asking me what to wear for his interview for a post in the government. So I did more research online, and my first instinct was to click on the word: Obama. He took (or rather his group of image consultants and stylists) careful considering to dress him up. I was particularly attracted to the ties that he wears during his Presidential champaign. Which coloured tie should he wear on his visits to different states and speaking to specific target audience? Although the tie seemed to be a simple accessory, it serves great purpose when you are a celebrity. Can you imagine Obama wearing a pink, floral tie when he is meeting with his Senate? More often would you see professional speakers/trainers wearing a red tie because “red” would bring the focus onto the speaker especially during a competition. For politicians usually, it’s a blue tie (of various shades) because it portrays a sense of loyality and patriotism. So choose wisely.

greentieBarack Obamablueblueredtie

Hilary Swank with diamond earrings

Hilary Swank with diamond earrings

Gold-plated diamond earrings
Gold-plated diamond earrings

If you look online, there are many websites proclaim that you can steal the celebrity style by buying their earrings.  But you are unique… Always take a look the shape of your face first before investing in any expensive pair of earrings.

Catalina Sandino Moreno with pearl earrings

Catalina Sandino Moreno with pearl earrings

If you have a tiny face. Try not to overwhelm your face with large earrings. A medium size dangling earrings or some studs would look good on you. If you have a fuller face, you can go for bigger earrings that will balance your face shape. A few things to be aware of when selecting earrings: size, shape, material and colour for different occassion. Do not expect yourself to be wearing a chandelier earrings in the office and hoping nobody would notice them.

If you are only a beginner with accessories, you can invest in earrings with a matching necklace and bracelet. Fuss-free.

Aishwarya Rai
Aishwarya Rai

If you have big and sparkling eyes, by all means get yourself a pair for a girls night out! Celebrities such as Aishwarya Rai and Beyonce can definitely pull off this red carpet look.

Try experimenting wearing different sizes and shape of earrings and you will see what I mean! Have fun!