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Oh my goodness! As I did a research on tying a tie I realised there are so many ways to do it and for different purposes and look! Want a classic yet simple way to tie a tie? Go for Half Windsor!

1)  Bring the wide end of the tie over the narrow

2) Swing the wide end around the back

3) Bring the wide end up and through the middle

4) Swing the wide end around the front

5) Bring wide end to the back

6) Hold the front of the knot loose with your index finger, put the wide end through the loop from Step (5)

7) Tighten the knot


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superstock_1320r-190662Do you know… there are plenty of business etiquette with regards to meetings, phone-calls and emails? If you are able to watch all these “workplace manners”, you can earn the respect from colleagues and clients. Even at a Toastmasters meeting, we constantly change our meeting etiquette in order to maximise time and effort.

In a meeting… It’s important to call for a meeting and ensure that everyone is prepared for it. Communicate beforehand the 1. Objectives of the meeting, 2. The duration and 3. The agenda. Let everyone have an opportunity to speak up. Do not disagree with the other party immediately. There is no right or wrong to their opinions simply whether it’s applicable at that point in time and if it’s of priority to the company. Always thank the particpants for contributing to the meeting and appreciate their efforts for attending the meeting. After which, the meeting minutes should be sent so that people involved (present and absentees) are aware of the discussion.

Travelling …If you travel to a foreign destination, it’s advisable to learn about their culture and make appropriate allowances. Some key items you should take note:

– Language that they speak

– Time zone that they are in

– Food customs

– Working schedule

– Holidays

Emailing… Perhaps you email is overloaded with emails, however always make an effort to craft each email because y0u won’t know who is reading it. Be diplomatic when crafting an email and avoid using all CAPITAL LETTERS BECAUSE IT CAN BE TOO INTENSE FOR THE READER! And might cause a miscommunication of the “tone of voice” from that email. Be professionally courteous. Always address the person and sign off. When you are replying to a question, copy only the question into the reply mail then provide a response.