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The importance of hair colour and getting a good image consultant. Take a look at the celebrities with an array of hair colour during their acting career. Who would you want to put on the big screen and for which role?

Despite bad press, Linsay Lohan has one of the most verstile hair colours ever. Jetblack, ashburn to blonde. At age 24, the black hair makes her look more mature than she is. Suitable to a nightclub and of course her expensive night life.

If you take a closer look at her skin, there is actually some freckles on her cheeks which makes her look girly and innocent. During her early career, she looks great with auburn hair. Her supposedly real hair colour.

I am not sure with the pale baby blonde though. However, with her blue contact lenses (yes they love to wear different eye colour) she can pull of the blonde effortlessly. Her natural eye colour is actually green which matches the red hair. For the black hair, she put on grey/blue contact lenses.

Ah… Jessica Alba. I love her long golden blonde locks. Noticed how the colour of the eyebrows make a difference in giving her the energy she needs? Blonde hair with same coloured brows does not bring light to her eyes. Whereas the photo below, with a darker brow makes her brown eyes shine. Be wise with your brow makeup.

This photo is just wrong. Her warm auburn hair colour makes her skin look harsh and contradicts with the cool electric blue eyeshadow.

I love Charlize Theron with the champagne blonde. She looks very angelic and soft with the soft pinkish skin. She won the TV guy’s “Decade of Hotness” award. Could not have agreed more. Then there was the jetblack hair colour for the movie Aeon Flux. She also looks good with this hair colour, however with a shorter hair style is more flattering and youthful.


How I wish that it snows in Singapore so that I have a valid excuse to put on gloves. However, I realised that there are ways in which we can confidently put them on for any occasion!

Fergie goes it elegantly and tastefully by matching  a pair of oyster colored leather gloves and a dress to give a smart casual look. It does not take a pair of Channel gloves to look like a star. You can always look for alternatives at places like M)phosis which is offering a black pair for $20 – $40. I am so tempted to get one for my Taiwan trip.

Even Michelle Obama have a thing for gloves… thanks to her image consultant. The gloves that matches the colour of your clothes would give the illusion of longer arms. It is so hard to find a green pair. I am green with envy.

Play with the texture. In this photo, a velvet pair. Accessories your gloves with a bracelet, ring or a watch! Winter is around the corner, gloves comes in cotton, silk, leather etc. My friend got a pair of UV -protection gloves ($35) from Japan. It is light, foldable and lacy. You can wear them in the heat! If you want one, try Takashimaya. They have almost everything that has UV protection. It is the worth the price in order to protect your beautiful arms from getting pigments. Useful to wear a pair while you are driving.

My UV protection gloves

For the punk in you. Purchase a short pair that flaunts your nail polish or even get those with studs for the more adventurous you. 77 Street offer them. Shorter pair is also suitable for those with not so slim arms.

Selita Ebanks matches her long gloves with her heels. Gloves in any texture can add some delight to a plain evening gown. I am so getting a pair… in the right colour.

Millinery hat

Pretty pretty hats! Cloche, berets, millinery… the list goes on. Yes, yes… it might look silly wearing hats in the hot weather of Singapore. Nevertheless, I do have 3 pieces which I got from Vietnam! I have a relatively small and oval shape face, so when I am picking I have to watch the scale of the hat and of course the colour because we are wearing it closest to the face. Some tips on wearing a vintage hat…


Large and round face:


Hats with medium height to add length to the face.

Hats with a rather wide brim so that the face looks relatively smaller.

Hats with an irregular brim line with upward roll on one side and with a slight droop on the opposite side. This brings the eye level upwards and add length to the face.

Millinery with a center piece


Close-fitting and rimless hat which emphasize the width of the face.

Small and oval face:


Hats with crowns that are close-fitting to the head.

Hats with soft crowns pulled slightly to one side.

Hats with trimmings arranged in informal balance.


Rimless hats accentuate the sharpness of the face

Hats with trimmings that are large and heavy otherwise we look like a fruit head.

Cloche hat with small brim

Bracelets are one of the must have accessories! I love bracelets! Especially matte gold pieces that matches my skin tone. Each piece of accessories that we adorn represents who we are and adds that extra touch to our wrists in place of a watch (because we have our mobile phones!)

A leather piece can add youth and a sense of rebellion when matched with a feminine dress. I do not own a piece though because it’s “not me”. I prefer metal pieces that offers me that sense of establishment.

Fergie and Miley Cirus with tons of cuffs and spunk.

Add more bracelets to give an ethnic touch to your look.

What I like to do is to wear a plain top or dress and accessories myself with crystal bracelets in the evening. A classy and elegant look goes a long way. If you are petite, I suggest that you do for a thin bracelet because thicker pieces might weigh you down. For thick wrists, you can have a medium size bracelet and perhaps more elaborate one to distract others from the fingers. So don’t just put on one bracelet, explore with combining a couple of different texture! Have fun!

Was shopping in Johore yesterday and I found a matt gold necklace that I liked. I resisted the temptation of purchasing the necklace because my friend commented: It is not outstanding. Just last week I spent a hefty amount on a thick geometric necklace. There was mixed comments about it. So it brought me to sharing this article with you. HOW does it take to wear a necklace? Not just any necklace but a necklace that suits you?

Take into consideration your face shape, size of the necklace in proportion of your neck and body and what clothes are your wearing to complement the necklace. If you have a intricately designed necklace, it would go better with a simple or plain top so as to put the focus on the necklace. If you prefer a more dramatic style, you can go for colours that contrasts with your dress.


Keri Russell prefers to use complimentary colours for her necklace. Goes well with her gown, however the necklace length can be 1/2 inch shorter than shown in the photo. 3234288118_568954261d

A medium-length necklace goes well with a very low V-neck top because it emphasise on your assets as well as the neckalce. If y0u have a long neck, go for chokers. For an inviting look, go for a long necklace.

Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung

 (L) Rock Chic. This is taken in 2000. (R) In 2007, she has adopted a classy look.

Zhang Zi Yi

Zhang Zi Yi

 What’s with the Oriental red Chiong Sam? She went from Eeks to Sleek.

Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh

 My idol. The tough lady transformed from a Mama-San to Mama-Mia.

Our Asian stars shed their Oriental image to a more globally appealing look. So which do you prefer?

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danielcraig1Richard GereWas sitting at a coffeeshop with my principal image consultant yesterday. She was training me how to check out the skin colours of the passer-by and detemine which season they belong to – Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. And we noticed there are rarely any “Summer” man in Singapore. They are the gentlemen who has soft features, hair colour and pinky skin tone. Once again I relied on the internet to look for movie stars who possess such charateristics. These are people who look exceptionally well in almost different shades of greys and silvers. On the left you have Daniel Craig from James Bond who looks incredibly sauve in the grey suit and silver tie. And Richard Gere whom I remembered dearly from the movie, Pretty Woman, who charmed the socks off actress, Julia Roberts. For the movie, James Bond to take off, they will definitely need a Summer man who is a chick-magnet and can pull it off as a secret agent.