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It has been wet September in Singapore. My star buy for this month is a long cardigan from Cotton On! Below are some ways to dress up the long cardigan. If you have thick hips/thighs, I would suggest not to button up the cardigan which will create an inverted “V” which would make you look larger. The thicker the cardigan, the more bulk it will add. For those who just want a feminine, flowy feeling, a thin or even translucent cardigan would do the trick.

A dramatic piece with wavy front. Middle range prices can be found at Mango or Zara.

A kimono style sleeves. A spunky look with a simple t-shirt and shorts. I love it! You can get this piece online or Cotton On. It’s pretty popular this season. Versatile and practical. A good piece to invest in.

A no-no for big size ladies. Unbutton so that there is a vertical lines in the centre which helps to create an illusion of a slimmer and longer bodice.

Different ways to add some delight to the long cardigan.



Posted on: July 13, 2010

I have been trying to look for a decent jacket for a long time. I am amazed by how a simple jacket can be paired with skirts, pants, casual and formal. Add on a necklace or scarf, it’s beautiful and elegant! Simply love it!

Guess what?

I found some really good bargains at The Salvation Army! They are brand new… probably donated by the companies.

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danielcraig1Richard GereWas sitting at a coffeeshop with my principal image consultant yesterday. She was training me how to check out the skin colours of the passer-by and detemine which season they belong to – Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. And we noticed there are rarely any “Summer” man in Singapore. They are the gentlemen who has soft features, hair colour and pinky skin tone. Once again I relied on the internet to look for movie stars who possess such charateristics. These are people who look exceptionally well in almost different shades of greys and silvers. On the left you have Daniel Craig from James Bond who looks incredibly sauve in the grey suit and silver tie. And Richard Gere whom I remembered dearly from the movie, Pretty Woman, who charmed the socks off actress, Julia Roberts. For the movie, James Bond to take off, they will definitely need a Summer man who is a chick-magnet and can pull it off as a secret agent.

Since junior school, I have been the most petite girl in class. I am almost 30, 5ft 2″ and weighs about 100 pounds. Up till today, there are women who are envious of my frame. However when it comes to purchasing clothes, it can really be a hassle. So how it possible to make my body look more balance and without spending too much money on clothes?

Lengthen your body:

1) Monochromic – Dressing in one colour elongate your body by making use of one colour. Avoid getting your body chopped off with vertical lines and mutiple colours. Note here is to stay away from long, floor sweeping skirts because it emphasises on your lack of height. If you have slim legs, go for short skirts if you are going out. Spice up your clothing with delicate accessories because heavy accessories such as thick, metal necklaces make you look like your neck is going to break.

2) Heels – Pick the height of the heels wisely, as it can make you or break you (literally). Preferbably pick heels that are slim and no higher than 3 1/2″ if you have slim ankles. The key is to create a balance for your image and not make you look like you are on stilts and besides, you still have to walk in them. Walk in a lady-like manner taking small steps.

Makeup your body look fuller:

1) Textured clothes – Material counts. We do have the fortune to look kind of younger than some of our friends due to our size. Take advantage and by dressing up in light to medium weight fabric such as linen, georgette, chiffon, silk etc. Also check out what is in fashion so that you would look younger and not look dated.0069_00039

2) Layering – Add some bulk without looking fat. If you are flat on the top, disguise them with a shawl or sash hanging loosely across your shoulders and top it up with your favourite jacket. Or match a tank top with an unbottoned shirt followed by a jacket. Sounds hot? Pick a top with design such as epulets and pockets. Watch the number of colours to put on yourself. Don’t want you to end up looking like a christmas tree.

Stumbled upon this departmental store on the web. Check it out:  and click on Petite buying guide.


business_woman_with_groupBusiness casual wear can be worn during informal occasions such as dress down Fridays, company sports events, school project presentation or even during a career fair where they might be a chance for an interview. Here are some specific guidelines that you can follow.

For men:

1) Ties –  Ties are generally not necessary for business casual wear. However, it’s safer to be slightly overdress. By doing so, you are also paying compliments to your host. If no one is wearing a tie, you can discreetly remove it in the washroom.

2) Shirts – You have a choice of wearing long sleeves or short sleeves shirts. White or blue solid shirts and conservative stripes are your best bets. For some casual situations, you can even choose to wear polo T-shirts.

3) Shoes and socks – Wear dark socks mid-calf length. When seated, no skin should be visible.  Leather shoes should be worn.

For women:

1) Pants/skirts – Both can be worn and the material should be crisps and not tight. In general, navy blue, brown, grey and black are appropriate for business casual wear. Skirts should come to at least your knee length when standing up. Skirt slits at the back are appropriate to facilitate walking but not side slits that facilitate the view of the legs.

2) Accessories – Wear a conserative watch. Accessories such as jewelry and scarves should be kept simple, leaning toward conversative. You would have more flexiblity if you are in a creative industry.

3) Cosmetics – Keep makeup simple and natural looking. It’s better to have a polished look in a conservative industry. Keep your nails clean and well-groomed. Avoid extreme length of nails and colours in conservative industries.