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Do you have flaws on the skin which simply cannot be covered by a beige concealer? Colour correction can be quite a  good skill to acquire if you would like to makeup your flaws disappear in an instant!

White – Bring forward shadows caused by aging.2451735204_2c48e959bf

Apricot/Peach/Yellow – Highlight eyes and can be used for concealing under blue veins under the eyes, bruises or dark spots caused by aging.

Green – Correct redness such as pimples.

Light Pink/Pink – Tone down pigments on light to medium skin and brightens eye area.

Rose – For redness on deeper skin tone.

Lavender – Sallow skin. Tends to look very yellowish.

Blue – For redness for medium to light skin tone.

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0210pfeiffer1881Our face loses its elasticity as we age. Fine lines and eye bags are formed… Yes, it sounds scary but it’s true. I have done makeup for mature ladies especially wedding dinner. Some important tips to take home when you slap on any makeup: 

PREP YOUR SKIN with moisturisers. Gel or Creamy face moisturisers are fine. Worse come to worse, use a light oil such as rose hip oil to prep your skin. Give it time to set. Eye area just use light eye gel. We do not want the colour to run.

Must Haves!

1) Light diffusing primer and creamy foundation to create a smooth textured face.

2) Sheer loose powder for that polished look. Too much 2-way cake will enhance the lines!

3) Yellow base, light diffusing concealer for the eye areas. Be light-handed on that. Do not apply too much concealer otherwise it will look too artificial.

My advice to you is to be light-handed. Age gracefully!