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A few of my young customers have been asking me about drawing smoky kira_naytli1eyes. If you were to do this, please ensure that you have created a flawless base especially concealer under the eyes so that you would look polished. For beginners, use a light colour such as copper or bronze before you use deeper colours like black or dark navy. Usually smoky eyes are meant for evenings functions, however more youngsters are wearing it in the day as a fashion statement. It’s your choice.

– To ensure that your eye makeup stays throughout the evening, use a primer or base on the eyelids. Then put some loose powder underneathe the eyes so as to catch the excess eye shadow colours.

– Use a  liner  to trace your eyes (top and bottom), then smudge with a cotton bud.Use an eyeshadow of your choice to blend from the upper liner to your eye crease. Starting from the outer end, move inwards.

– Then depending on how much shadow you want to put at the bottom, apply some at the outer corner of the eye (1/3) then blend and move inwards to cover the whole bottom liner.

– Dust off the excess powder and shadow under the eyes. And clean the rough edges of the eye shadow with a cotton bud.

– To add some spice to your smoky eye, add some shimmer on the eye shadow but use sparingly!

– A strong brow should match the eyes.

– Your choice of lipstick is very important to complete the look! Pale Nude creates a mysterious look, dark lips and eyes gives a gothic feel. Explore and enjoy!


eyelid_droopyDroopy (heavy) eyelids before and after makeup

Upper eyelid drooping can caused by:

– Too much fat and skin in the upper lids

– Lost of elasticity of eyelid muscles causing droppy brows and lids

– Over-stretching or tear of the eyelid muscles

Most asians do not have very deep set eyes so it’s important to create contours around the eye area. The tips below offer simple ways to “lift” droopy lids. Practise is the key!

To rectify the situation:

– Use a highlighter (off-white or champagne) on the brow bone area especially below the inner corner of the brows.

– Use a medium eye shadow (for a start) on the outer1/3 corner of the eye and sweep upwards like a bird spreading it’s wing. Do not sweep the colour too high otherwise you will look like a vixen. Make sure the shadow on both sides are balanced.

– Focus a liner on the inner lash line rather than the outer corner which will emphaise on the droopiness.

– Finish by applying mascara on the outer upper and lower corner lashes. Read  Lashes for more information.

Photos extract:

This is a common technique if you would like to want to lift droppy eyes or if you have small eyes. Draw the top and bottom liner without lining them together and blend the liner outwards with a shadow brush (I used a an angled brow brush). As for the shadow, I swept it outwards too to synchronised with the top liner =). Thanks Teresa for being my model!

I simply love the contrast in colours for these photos! Notice the glossy look that the models have? You can achieve this by simply applying a white pearl white and slightly shimmer eyeshadow! Preferbably not those with glitter because then you will look too tacky. This eye makeup is not recommended if you have bulging eyes or wide double eyelids. You can also do this by using glossyeye shadows, however, it’s more difficult to handle and make it stay on the lids without looking like it is oil secretion.

The lips are so sexy! If you have flat lips, use a bit of gloss only at the center of the lips to give it a 3-D effect. Not on the whole lips! Even Angelina Jolie might not be able to pull that look off because you might look like you have just finished KFC. For mature ladies, your alternative choice is a high shimmer, golden lipstick which will act as a gloss and you will not have “thin bleeding lips”.

Q: What do I do if I have to remove waterproof eye makeup?


A: The process of cleansing might take just a few minutes longer than the usual water and facial cleanser. Apply some remover onto the cotton pads. Instead of immediately rubbing the lotion onto the skin, soaks the makeup for about 30seconds and gentle glide. Do not drag the skin. Use a Q-tip to remove the mascara off the lashes and on the skin. Same goes for the lips. Use the Q-tip to clean between the lines on the lips.


It’s another challenging task for you if you have no idea how to remove makeup. There are waterproof makeup remover in the market which usually come in water in oil form (oil forming the higher component in the ingredient) that cleans off eye makeup easily. However buyers beware! Products with too much oil in the ingredient might cause oil seeds also known as milia seeds. Once formed, they might be difficult to remove. Believe me because I have experienced it before when I simply borrowed a “reknown” brand of remover and 1 tiny seed formed almost immediately! I would prefer water base cleansing products for the eyes. 

Line your eyes with expresso liner. Wet your liner brush and dab some shimmer burnt orange (similar to copper) shadow and liner the eyes. This helps the shadow to hold longer and the colour is more intense. You can choose to line the whole eye if you have big eyes or want a mysterious look. Use white liner on the inner rim of the lower lash line if you want to enlarge your eyes. Think it looks boring?

Why not apply some yellow or gold shadow at the inner corner of the eyes and 1/4 on the upper lid. Immediately lights up the eyes. This is followed by some mandarin orange shadow on the outer corner (upper and lower) which adds length and lifts the eye. Final Look with light peach blush and copper lips.