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This is a common technique if you would like to want to lift droppy eyes or if you have small eyes. Draw the top and bottom liner without lining them together and blend the liner outwards with a shadow brush (I used a an angled brow brush). As for the shadow, I swept it outwards too to synchronised with the top liner =). Thanks Teresa for being my model!


I was teaching a class today and all of them belong to the oily and sensitive type of skin. A lady raised the question about smudging eyeliner. My suggestions (depending on which works for you):

1) Waterproof pencil liner + Waterproof Liquid liner (Might be tough to wash off)

2) Eye-shadow base (foundation for the eye) + your liners

3) Waterproof liner + Dark eyeshadow colour go over it

4) Waterproof liner + face powder + same Waterproof liner

I guess most importantly is to not prep your upper eyelid with any creams (but it’s fine for under the eye because we want to moisturise the fine lines). Any eyeshadow colours or liners would just slide off after all the effort. Also when you have oily skin, there is a need to touch up your makeup more often. All the best!


The miracles of makeup. See how concealer under the eyes, dark brown eyeliner and adding a light brown brow powder can does wonders for you? Try a little something each day for a refreshing look.