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From an Image Consultant’s point of view, I am more concern of the overall effects that it produces and the impression that you give to others.

Take into consideration:

1) Age group – I decide to post this because it’s the “In” thing for plenty of teenage girls. If you are below 25, perhaps it’s still considered acceptable to wear any kind of lashes that you like. It’s also a time when you are still exploring your personal identity. However, once we become more established in life, and become more confident of ourselves, we can do without them.

2) Location and Occasion – Look at your colleagues, do they wear fake lashes at work? Some companies might not encourage their employee to wear fake lashes even though it might not be stated in the “employee’s guidelines”. Usually fake lashes are worn for special functions such as a dinner event to add some element of interest to your eyes. However, ladies would choose to put them on because of the low density of natural lashes that they have or because of fashion trend. If need be and in order to make yourself look “Au Natural”, choose lashes such as E49, E33 or E46 in the day.

3) Design – You name it, the market has it – Criss cross, dalmante or coloured ones. Do you know, professional makeup artists take into consideration the shape and size of your eyes before putting on those heavy lashes? And if you have heavy eyebags, stay away from criss-cross lashes. It makes us look older.

Putting it on the professional ways requires more than just glueing them on.

1) Curl your lashes and apply a thin layer of mascara

2) Apply a thin layer of lash glue onto the desired lash and let it dry for 10 seconds so that the white glue does not appear on your lashline

3) Use a tweezer if necessary to put on the lash. To make it curl nicely, push the lashes slightly upwards and towards your upper lid along with your natural lashes. Let it set for 20s.

4) Before opening your eyes, gently separate the upper and lower lids to ensure that glue is not stuck onto the lower lid.

5) Add an additional coat of mascara if you desire.