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business_woman_with_groupBusiness casual wear can be worn during informal occasions such as dress down Fridays, company sports events, school project presentation or even during a career fair where they might be a chance for an interview. Here are some specific guidelines that you can follow.

For men:

1) Ties –  Ties are generally not necessary for business casual wear. However, it’s safer to be slightly overdress. By doing so, you are also paying compliments to your host. If no one is wearing a tie, you can discreetly remove it in the washroom.

2) Shirts – You have a choice of wearing long sleeves or short sleeves shirts. White or blue solid shirts and conservative stripes are your best bets. For some casual situations, you can even choose to wear polo T-shirts.

3) Shoes and socks – Wear dark socks mid-calf length. When seated, no skin should be visible.  Leather shoes should be worn.

For women:

1) Pants/skirts – Both can be worn and the material should be crisps and not tight. In general, navy blue, brown, grey and black are appropriate for business casual wear. Skirts should come to at least your knee length when standing up. Skirt slits at the back are appropriate to facilitate walking but not side slits that facilitate the view of the legs.

2) Accessories – Wear a conserative watch. Accessories such as jewelry and scarves should be kept simple, leaning toward conversative. You would have more flexiblity if you are in a creative industry.

3) Cosmetics – Keep makeup simple and natural looking. It’s better to have a polished look in a conservative industry. Keep your nails clean and well-groomed. Avoid extreme length of nails and colours in conservative industries.


bracesWent for my over-due dental appointment today. 10min of Scaling and polishing cost me S$55 and it’s worth it because it keeps my gum and teeth healthy and clean. It’s like removing pimples from the face. Getting an X-ray before putting on my braces which will cost me S$140. The price range for braces in Singapore is S$3500 and above. This is excluding surgery and miscellenous charges.

An aquaintant brought up the alignment of my teeth several years back however I did not bother about it. However after joining this image consultation industry I realised the importance of looking good even when you are smiling. You can show off the pearly whites, but are they shiny and aligned? Some might have bunny teeth, others might have chipped tooth due to a fall. Mine? It’s because my jaw is too small to house all my teeth and I had too much coffee as a kid so that explains for the stains. That new smile would be worth more than a million bucks to me. And would certainly bring up my self-esteem.

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry concerned with alignment of the teeth. Braces are recommended to improve the patient’s bite alignment and/or appearance. With braces problems like crooked or crowded teeth, uneven spacing, overbites or underbites can be corrected. At appointments when wires and elastics are tightened, mild pressure is put on the teeth to shift them gradually into a desired position. Because of this your teeth may feel slightly sore after each visit, but the discomfort is mild and brief. And I would expect to put on the braces about 2 years! Pray for me!

superstock_1569r-9012284One of friends is asking me to conduct a workshop for a group of undergraduates.  So I thought of offering my 2 cents worth of thought. Are you a graduate going for an interview for the every first time? How should you dress and behave?

A young executive…

– No need a suit unless you are sure to be offered a super high flyer job within minutes of the interview. However, a tie and long sleeve shirt is a must for ladies, a pair of pants of skirt

– No sling or bagpack please. You are no longer in school.

– Gel or tie up your hair. Wet hair is a No-No

– Light makeup will do. Lipstick is a must however avoid Hello-Kitty Pink

– Polish your shoes and iron your clothes please… neatness is the best impression you can offer

– It’s alright to be inexperience most importantly learn to Smile and be enthusiastic

– Speak at a moderate speed even though you are nervous

All the best!