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Millinery hat

Pretty pretty hats! Cloche, berets, millinery… the list goes on. Yes, yes… it might look silly wearing hats in the hot weather of Singapore. Nevertheless, I do have 3 pieces which I got from Vietnam! I have a relatively small and oval shape face, so when I am picking I have to watch the scale of the hat and of course the colour because we are wearing it closest to the face. Some tips on wearing a vintage hat…


Large and round face:


Hats with medium height to add length to the face.

Hats with a rather wide brim so that the face looks relatively smaller.

Hats with an irregular brim line with upward roll on one side and with a slight droop on the opposite side. This brings the eye level upwards and add length to the face.

Millinery with a center piece


Close-fitting and rimless hat which emphasize the width of the face.

Small and oval face:


Hats with crowns that are close-fitting to the head.

Hats with soft crowns pulled slightly to one side.

Hats with trimmings arranged in informal balance.


Rimless hats accentuate the sharpness of the face

Hats with trimmings that are large and heavy otherwise we look like a fruit head.

Cloche hat with small brim