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Lipstick is a must have for women on-the-go. Some of the common mistakes made by women are: Thinking pink lipsticks suit all women; they just need at least 1 lipstick; anyone is suitable to use gloss.
Speaking from an Asian’s point of view, our culture is much adapted from the West. Many of our advertisements use blondies with pink lipsticks which gave us the perception that we look good in it. Yes, pink lipsticks looks fabulous if you have fair and pinkish skin but half the time when you turn to your friend, who are slightly tan, they look better in coral or brown lipstick colours.  

Most women would buy more than 1 of shoes, so why not lipstick? It’s part of an accessory on the face. And you would not want to be seen wearing the same lipstick everywhere you go (unless it’s your signature look like Scarlett Johanssons’s signature red). Have at least 2 for special occasions. For instance, at work you can have a conservative natural lip colour. When it comes to party time, change it to a lipstick with slight frosting.

Last of all, not all women are suitable to apply gloss. If you have thick lips, you should stay away from them. Mature ladies  apply tons of gloss to make their lips to make them look valuptuous. Sorry, it would not work. It would only amplify that flaw. A trick that I learnt from a book is to apply a bit of white frosted shadow in the center of the lips emergency cases… when you want to look sexier in photos. It’s another science behind all that. 

So depending on your culture, your need and your age, choose wisely before investing in a lipstick.