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1214287518180Nowadays we are following more of Korean bridal hairstyle which is rather puffy and more relaxed in style as compared to the European style which are more sleek and traditional. I volunteered on the spot to do up my colleague’s makeup and hairstyle. Since I did not have my thongs, I simply used plaits and tucked it under her hair to give that puffy effect. She wanted a similar style like my bridal hair, however, to make it more interesting I created a bow-shape on the left side of her hair.

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This is a common technique if you would like to want to lift droppy eyes or if you have small eyes. Draw the top and bottom liner without lining them together and blend the liner outwards with a shadow brush (I used a an angled brow brush). As for the shadow, I swept it outwards too to synchronised with the top liner =). Thanks Teresa for being my model!


Posted on: May 3, 2008


Everyone, meet Lani Lam. She just finished a facial with me and I applied a nice layer of concealer, mint adjustor (green base for acne), foundation and to ensure the skin looks flawless, I added another layer of concealer. Ta-dah! The redness disappeared! She has a high forehead so I pulled the hair down from both sides and added some height by changing the hair parting by half an inch. Simply hold the hair with hair spray (spray it from behind the head so that the hair would stand). Control the frizziness with hair wax for the ends.

She has this “Boss” look when she does not show her teeth. However what a difference it made when she bears her pearly whites! It’s a part of looking good~! I am going for mine within 2 years!


Posted on: April 27, 2008

tricia After the 1920s look.


Did not really have an idea what look I should give Tricia but along way as I applied the liner for her large, listless eyes I realised that she can carry off the retro look pretty well! Also she requested for a “3-D” look for the eyes so I mixed shell with cappucino to enhance the beautiful sockers that she already have. Her hair texture is fine so I added just a little bit of wax and made her hair slightly wavy in order to soften her looks. Noticed I changed the parting of her fringe which made a world of difference to he final look.


Posted on: April 18, 2008

esther1 Before
A studious look…
Esther’s 1st attempt at a punk-rock look. I used aqua blue and turquoise tint to achive this look. I wanted the focus to be on her eyes so I used mute pink for her lips. She already has thick, neat brows so I just used brow fixative/wax for her. Any thicker she might look like Crayon Shin-Chan.

Then using the hot cringe hair iron to create the wavy look, used wax to make it puffy and sprayed down to hold. To add some highlight, I sprayed with temporary copper colour. Sweep the hair to one side and top it with a black tiny jacket gives her a feminine look!