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0210pfeiffer1881Our face loses its elasticity as we age. Fine lines and eye bags are formed… Yes, it sounds scary but it’s true. I have done makeup for mature ladies especially wedding dinner. Some important tips to take home when you slap on any makeup: 

PREP YOUR SKIN with moisturisers. Gel or Creamy face moisturisers are fine. Worse come to worse, use a light oil such as rose hip oil to prep your skin. Give it time to set. Eye area just use light eye gel. We do not want the colour to run.

Must Haves!

1) Light diffusing primer and creamy foundation to create a smooth textured face.

2) Sheer loose powder for that polished look. Too much 2-way cake will enhance the lines!

3) Yellow base, light diffusing concealer for the eye areas. Be light-handed on that. Do not apply too much concealer otherwise it will look too artificial.

My advice to you is to be light-handed. Age gracefully!


Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren



When age catches on there are plenty of things to consider – about our body as a whole. To revive our glowing skin and learning to conceal the areas that were once tender looking and youthful.

 Simple things to do to make yourself look younger and modest:

For the face…

1) Conceal fine lines around the eyes, forehead and lips. A cream one would conceal best.

2) Fill in the eyebrows because they will become lighter with age.

3) A (must!) Eyeliner for the droppy lips. A dark brown liner is a sure win.

4) Lipstick for a fresh look. No frosty colours please.  

5) A natural looking blusher to brighten the skin.

 Yu Ximan

Yu Ximan

For the body…

1) Wear long sleeves to cover flabby arms. A jacket or a shawl is good.

2) Have a piece of accessory – necklace or scarf as a form of distraction for the wrinkling neck.

3) Do not wear skirts that are shorter than 2 inches above your knees please.

4) Avoid wear spandex. Wear clothings with structure if you are a large size.

5) Wear the right fitting bra to give us the support we need!

That’s the Bride!
The sister-in-law who thinks I am 18. Wahhh…
She requested for blue eye shadow because she was wearing blue and had blue nail polish. In order to prevent a dull look, I applied lime green with aqua blue to create blue-green which looks more refershing. To enhance her young skin and sparkling eyes, I applied only a light layer of blusher. Let there be at least 1 focus on the face and maximum 2. Her skin is rather fair, I had to rescue her pimpled face with concealer which I did pretty well.
To super hide her red pimples, I applied:
1. Concealer
2. Mint adjustor (green) for redness
3. Concealer
4. Pressed powder on pimples
5. Loose powder on whole face
6. Pressed powder (optional)

The mother-in-law

Women above 50 usually have darker skin because of the body’s oxidation process (aging). To brighten up the skin, you can either choose to mix white luminator with your normal foundation. I do not suggest those glitter base foundation because it gives an unnatural look for mature ladies. For very yellow skin, mix a bit of purple base with your foundation.
If you let me choose 3 items in their bags…
A must for mature ladies:
1. Eye liner
2. Eye Brow colour
3. Lip liner/Lipstick
No No… No lip gloss please!

Eye shadow – White shimmer, Silver, Pearly Plum (By 7pm the colours would look much lighter but I added an eye base to make it last longer). For droppy lids, sweep shadow up and outwards to lift the ends. A thin black liner and a Berry lipstick.
This is Auntie Michelle. She was wearing a purple top with a scoop neckline which made her jaw looked wider. The gown with a shorter neckline and high collar flattered her neck and faceshape after which I simply pulled the necklace shorter to balance the space between the chin and neckline. A few pieces of accessories were added to give her the rich tai tai look.

She picked the Gown from City Plaza at $280 and went to do her hair at her regular hairdresser. I would have given her a puffier crown because by evening time her hair would look flat.