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The moral of the story is….

1. Wax yourself if necessary… if not put on some clothes please.

2.Overly long nails are not sexy

3. Wash your hair

Photos are extracted from Yahoo Images

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher



Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Was watching a movie, The Galdiator and saw how good Russell Crowe looks in that moustache which inspired me to write this. Alike glasses, a moustache acts like an accessory for the face. Wearing facial hair can often improve a face shape by accenting strong facial features or masking and balancing  irregularities.

One of the most famous celebrity with the moustache is Johnny Depp. The downturn moustache is known as a Fu-manchu moustache which is his signature intruiging look. And how can we forget him in his long moustache in Pirates of the Carribean?

Ashton Kutcher in this photo has a Full Beard. The face is covered at the – upper lip, chin and sides. Current trends in full-beard styles are closely-trimmed and often groomed with hard angles or patterns to accentuate the face. Ashton suits this look because his full length moustache nicely framed his broad jawline and balances his short hair style.

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom

Want to be subtle? Try a Soul Patch (or Small Beard) that is characterized by its confinement to the area just below the lower lip. It has been seen trimmed short, or grown long and groomed into varied shapes. Modern versions are often trimmed short and narrow.

Before you start growing a moustache. Consider the density of the hair, your hair style and whether you look sleek in it on just plain messy.

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