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Makeup should compliment or coordinate with the mood, atmosphere and style. Your objective is to achieve a balance in the final production.

Factors affecting photography makeup:

1.      Product portrayed – What is it that you are trying to sell

2.      Location – Indoors or outdoor

3.      Style of photography – Romantic, dramatic, futuristic, etc

4.      Age of model – Youthful or mature

5.      Colours – Natural or multi-colours

6.      Lighting – White or yellow

7.      Hair – Styling

8.      Clothes – Coordination of overall look

9.      Backdrop and props – Fabric or paper and subjects of interests

Try using the items below to enhance your makeup:

1.      Colour corrector – For concealing shadows

2.      Shader/Highlighter – To create a 3-D effect

3.      Fake Lashes – Enlarges the eyes

Your skills are put to the test for photography makeup when there is minimal digital enhancement.


1.      Concealing, shading and highlighting should be subtle and well blended

2.      Foundation colour has to match the skin tone

3.      Remove excess power to avoid a cakey finish

4.      Avoid any hard lines for eye shadows and blushers



My selection of nail colours for the wedding.

Initially I want to go for the usual French manicure for my wedding, instead I did my own nails. During first nail session before my studio shoot, the manicurist suggested a pearl white colour.The  strong lightings made my nails (colour) looked washed-out in the photos. So for your shoot, I suggest a deeper colour and not too glittery colour. On your actual wedding day, go for a colour that matches your gown. My morning gown was ivory and evening was a golden orange long-train gown. So I settled for Elegance (centre in photo), a shimmery peach colour which completed my soft and romantic look for day and night. img_1283


My options for my wedding lashes. A pair of brown, lushious lashes to widen my eyes early in the morning.img_12621image0711

For the evening, a pair of lashes that lengthened my eyes, giving me a cat-eyes look.

When you are having a photo-shoot for a big occasion such as a wedding, always remember to put on some fake lashes so as to accentuate your eyes. To complete the morning/evening look, use an eyeliner similar to the lash colour and go over the lash line. Apply a softer or lighter eyeliner under the eyes.

 amkmay08My Cheeks look tubbier.
Slimmer cheeks!
Wonder how you can make your face look slimmer without using Photoshop? Simply turn your face slightly to the side and lower your head a little. If you face the camera directly, your face would look much bigger and seeming taking an obituary photo! Of course there is shading and all but you can also opted for a faster choice.