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My recent stash is a pair of DKNY sunglasses from my husband as our 9th year anniversary present. I have been looking for a proper pair for a long time because my face is relatively small so the frames are either too wide or I cannot get the colour that I want. However, oversize sunglasses are in! So even though it looks a tad big, I still look “in-fashion”. The question is how to look extra interesting. Since Autumn is here (okay, you only get sun and more sun over here… just play along), pair it with a nice hat. This is especially useful for those with a long face (read my previous post on hats). The key is to match the frames to the colour of the hat, top or even the colour of your hair, and of course a beaming smile.

If you want to opt for something more retro, you can try tying a bandana or a hair band. I find that those with angular face looks prettier with squarish spectacle frames. Pick one that has UV protection as it is way better for your vision as it would not dilate your pupils, causing more light to enter your eyes. It is worth investing in a pair which might cause $200+ in Singapore from a licensed optician. It will last you about 3-4 years before the coat of UV protection on the lens wears out.


What sparked this issue was my concerned with people  purchasing aviator sunglasses. And when they put it on, the glasses rest on the cheeks rather than the nose.  Note the shape is designed mainly for people with longer and broader lower face.

Round face avoid angular glasses as the contrast is too high. Select glasses with more contours – not round. But if you would like to look more creative and amusing, by all means try wearing a pair. And be prepared for the response that you will get. The same theory applies if you have an angular face.

Try to get yourself at least 2 pairs of spectacles for example, 2 different colours or  thickness in frames,  for formal and casual events.

palin and feyWent spectacles shopping with my friend the other day. The optician from several shops went: Oh angular and retangular spectacles are the current trend. Guess what? What’s in fashion does not mean it looks fabulous on you.

Take time to observe the generic trend that certain people from different industries would wear. Politicians, salesman, doctors, teachers…somehow I noticed a trend for them. In general, politicians prefer thin metal frames, salesman like slightly thick black frames… recently we conducted a class for teachers and they red ones with thick temples. What’s your take?

Factors to consider are the distant between your eyes, brows height, size of the face and so on. To make it simple, in terms of shape, if you have an angular jawline, you can go for glasses with more angles like retangular shaped spectacles. If there are more obvious curves on the face, go for softer frames like oval shaped glasses to balance the outline of your face. For material/texture, shiny frames might make you look more mature and matt ones perhaps reserve for casual events.

So who wears it better? Sarah or Fey?