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Posted on: April 9, 2009

My friend was asking me what to wear for his interview for a post in the government. So I did more research online, and my first instinct was to click on the word: Obama. He took (or rather his group of image consultants and stylists) careful considering to dress him up. I was particularly attracted to the ties that he wears during his Presidential champaign. Which coloured tie should he wear on his visits to different states and speaking to specific target audience? Although the tie seemed to be a simple accessory, it serves great purpose when you are a celebrity. Can you imagine Obama wearing a pink, floral tie when he is meeting with his Senate? More often would you see professional speakers/trainers wearing a red tie because “red” would bring the focus onto the speaker especially during a competition. For politicians usually, it’s a blue tie (of various shades) because it portrays a sense of loyality and patriotism. So choose wisely.

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