The Image Counsellor

Service Menu

Image Coaching

– Colour Analysis

– Body Style

– Public Speaking

– Dining Etiquette

– Deportment

– Personal Shopping


Individual and Group Makeup Coaching

This is a personal hands-on session that is designed not only to give you the confidence to accentuate your positive attributes using cosmetics but also to create a unique image that builds the future that you want.

Laying your foundations with MU I

What you will learn:
– Basic skincare
– The foundations with hands-on
+ Foundation and powder
+ Eye makeup
+ Blusher
+ Lipstick
– Choose colours to compliment your skin
+ Colour analysis for eyes and lips

How to use makeup to craft your future MU II

What you will learn:
– Review of MU I
– Accentuate your best attributes
+ Understanding your features
+ Concealing and enhancing
– How to create the image you want to portray
+ Cosmetics to apply for different occasions
+ Influencing your relationships with makeup


Special Occasions makeup

Dinner and Dance (makeup and hair)




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