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1) Leave home with wet hair – Shows that you have lousy time management

2) Display ungroomed nails – Gives you away even though you put on neat clothings

3) Have your butt cheeks split up into 4 sections with a maxi panty – Time to change to a larger size

4) Have bad breathe – Please do something about your acidic diet

5) Show off your armpit hair – Give it a final touch by shaving them

6) Not take a shower from top to toe – Believe me, people can see and smell you from miles away

7) Wear stockings with open-toe heels – It’s like wearing socks with slippers

8) Put on hair extensions when you have enough hair to show off – It’s just unnecessary

9) Wear fake lashes or lash extensions that are longer than your nose – My husband pointed this out to me

10) Speak on top of your voice everywhere you go – People can hear you


fondaG2201_468x680When I hit 25, I noticed the changes in my body. My skin tone is not that bright and elastic. Once I hit 28, fine lines seemed more noticable and I am prone to having pigments. I welcome them with open arms, because I embrace my age. For those of you who are not ready in getting there, take care of yourself.

1) Breasts. This is serious. Your boobs will feel saggy. Do massages and bench presses whenever you are free so as to keep those glands active. Most of all, get a bra that provides enough support and not because it is “pretty”. Protect y0ur precious. There is only 1 set. Fake ones will never feel the same.

2) Your skin loses its elasticity. So, start those moisturisers going! Invest… it need not be an expensive brands. There are natural remedy in slowing down the aging process. Apply olive oil on your face or even hair to keep it hydrated. It contains high vitamin E to keep skin glowing and healthy.

3) Eat healthy. Although I am not a saint in watching my diet, I made sure that I take my supplments to keep me going. Drink lots of freshly squeezed fruit juices! Reduce your intake of carbohydrates because as we age, our body’s metabolism rate drops, therefore we digest slower and gain weight faster!

4) Dress your age. You are no longer in the teenage years. Time to grow up and get some proper and decent clothes which does not expose your mid-drift. Basic makeup is a necessity as it is a form of public courteosy. Do you ever want to see your mum in her 40s dressing like she is in her 20s? Well I don’t! Mature ladies should dress with sophistication and taste. If you are not sure what to do about yourself, consult an image professional!